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CodeOne Upsell 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: There is a front end offer and five other Upsells. The 1st Code One Upsell is Unlimited Version, the 2nd Code One Upsell is Pro Version, the 3rd CodeOne Upsell is Done For You Pages, the 4th CodeOne Upsell is 25,000+ Library, the 5th CodeOne Upsell is Agency License. There are no other Down Sells. The product is by Amit Gaikwad and Anirudh Baavra. All the links >>>

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Front End Walk Through

Set & Forget, MULTIPLE Income Streams,
100% free viral traffic methods included – no paid ads needed for this to work,
Effortless monetization included – earn without SELLING with custom monetization strategy,
Step-By-Step “from scratch” training included – zero experience or tech skills required,
DFY viral content included – WITHOUT customizing or creating your own,
100% Automated Software – load the software and set up profit pages in seconds,
FULL hosting included – no need for websites, domains or ongoing maintenance costs,
Profit Without Selling, Premium Hosting Included, Get Started In Minutes.

Turn 100% Free Traffic & Viral Content Into Hands Free Income In Just 3 Easy Steps:
Step 1 – User Logs In: And enters a keyword to find a TRENDING content in their niche,
Step 2 – Software Creates The Page: The software creates a page featuring this trending content and multiple passive monetization methods – which the user can customize,
Step 3 – Quickly Drive Traffic: Thanks to the power of the included traffic training, users will quickly be able to drive highly targeted, 100% free traffic to their money pages.

THREE things for a viral page or website to generate income. Some people get 1 or 2 of these things right. But VERY few tick all 3 boxes to get consistent results:
#1 Viral Content: As people’s attention spans keep dropping [The latest average is just 8 seconds]. Your content has to grab attention instantly AND entertain viewers,
#2 Viral Traffic: To stand any chance against MILLIONS of other marketers, you need to get floods of traffic to your pages. This ONLY happens when you share to the RIGHT platforms, and visitors share your content,
#3 Offers That Converts Into Profits: MOST visitors don’t buy a thing on their 1st visit. So the trick to making income is to find offers that get you paid WITHOUT having to make a sale.

The Answer To Viral Sites That Get REAL Results:
DFY System, VIRAL Content, VIRAL Traffic, Effort Less Monetization.
Forget “guessing” what kind of content to use: You get an unlimited collection of the most viral content available online,
Forget struggling for traffic or paying for ads: Just tap into the INCLUDED free traffic methods that send floods of visitors to your money pages,
And instead of trying to profit the HARD WAY: By selling affiliate offers or products – now you can easily monetize with offers that get you paid WITHOUT selling a thing.

Why CodeOne Is Such An Easy DFY Income Solution. NEW Twists On CLASSIC & Untapped Conversion Methods:
PROVEN Viral Content: What happens when you combine the animation of video with eye-catching images?. You get attention grabbing content – which just happens to be 1 of the most viral types of content online. “Google says it now sees ‘millions of searches for it every day”. “People send viral content to their friends, family and colleagues 7 BILLION times every day”. Viral content has been around for over 30 years – mainly just for entertainment. But as the average attention keep dropping,
Viral Traffic: Many methods say viral traffic means spamming as many platforms as possible. The reality is it’s WAY easier – just get your pages in front of the right audiences at the right time. Inside it, you’ll see how to use just MULTIPLE platforms for all the free traffic you’ll ever need. These traffic sources are PERFECT for speed and viral shares – because these are MASSIVE traffic sources that are still untapped by most marketers. And they get 100% FREE TRAFFIC WITHOUT paid ads. For the ultimate combination of free traffic today, tomorrow and long-term,
EASY Monetization: The answer to monetizing a viral page is to match the offer to the audience. Visitors looking for entertainment HATE being sold, but they LOVE free stuff. That’s why CodeOne uses custom offers which are “FREE” that can make you money WITHOUT visitors having to buy a thing. These offers have been overlooked by MANY digital marketers … as more people jump into eCommerce or affiliate marketing where HARD SELLING is the only way to profit. This makes this an incredibly powerful way to monetize your sites And bypass your competition at the same time. We’ll show you EXACTLY how inside,
Viral Content, Viral Traffic, Effortless Monetization: Equals The Easiest Way To Profit Online You’ve Ever Seen.

Everything You Need Is Included:
Cloud-Based SOFTWARE that creates your money pages,
Free Access to MILLIONS of viral content pieces WITHOUT having to customize a thing,
Built-in Monetization with HIGH-CONVERTING, targeted “FREE” offers – earn without selling a thing,
MULTIPLE Income Streams – It lets you create up to THIRTY money pages EVERY single month,
Free FAST Viral Traffic – see how to post your money pages to targeted audiences,
Free LONG TERM Traffic – use the power of FB WITHOUT paid ads to grow your income,
DFY Hosting – we host ALL your pages for you on our robust servers – save HUNDREDS each year,
Step-By-Step Training – master this system in minutes showing EXACTLY what to do AND how to maximize results.

Check Out Why Our Users LOVE CodeOne:
It is awesome! It’s simple to use, and after testing it I’m excited at all the possibilities using this. The tool and training is second to none. Two thumbs up from me,
I’ve been using it and it gets my seal of approval. Free traffic + viral content is how you make easy commissions online. I recommend this,
I’m a huge fan of viral content and with it its mega-simple to get results. I was able to get setup in record time and I’m stocked at how easy it is to use. A+,
I’ve tested CodeOne a lot and it gets two thumbs up from me. I’ll be recommending this to everyone I know, because it’s a game changer. Definitely get this now, you’ll be glad you did.

Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does CodeOne work?
It’s an all-in-one viral traffic & monetization platform. The software builds you money pages that feature trending viral content – completely DFY. Built-in monetization comes from targeted “FREE” offers that can pay you without even making a sale. Multiple free viral traffic methods drive visitors to your pages & offers WITHOUT needing paid ads.

How long until I can see results?
This always varies between users, niche selection and other factors. What we CAN say is that many beta testers saw results within just hours of setting up their CodeOne.

Will this work on my Mac and PC?
Yes! It is 100% cloud-based – it works perfectly on any operating platform. Got internet? You’re good to go.

Do I need technical skills or previous experience?
None AT ALL. You don’t even need WordPress. The software builds your pages for you. We host the pages – no need for domains, websites or any tech stuff. Over the shoulder videos walk you thru setup from A-Z.

How many sites can I create?
Your access lets you create up to 30 pages EVERY month – and we’ll cover the costs of hosting all those pages for you … to let you truly enjoy multiple income streams.

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