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CopyMatic OTO 1st, 2nd to 5th: There is one FE offer & 5 One Time Offers. First Copy Matic OTO is Unlimited Edition, Second Copy Matic OTO is DFY Profitable Copywriting Agency Setup, Third is 6 Figure Toolkit, Fourth is Reseller Licenses, Fifth is Affiliate Marketing Coaching Program. There are CopyMatic OTO other downsells. All information >>>

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Front End:
=>> CopyMatic

OTO 1 (Unlimited Edition):
=>> CopyMatic OTO 1

OTO 2 (DFY Profitable Copywriting Agency Setup):
=>> CopyMatic OTO 2

OTO 3 (6 Figure Toolkit):
=>> CopyMatic OTO 3

OTO 4 (Reseller Licenses):
=>> CopyMatic OTO 4

OTO 5 (Affiliate Marketing Coaching Program):
=>> CopyMatic OTO 5

FrontEnd Features

Create & Sell High-Converting Copies Using AI In Just 3 Simple Steps:
Step 1: Select type of copy,
Step 2: Select Niche,
Step 3: Generate Copy.

High-Converting Copy For Your Emails:
List Nurturing: Emails that you can use to on-board your new subscribers and get them to trust you,
Product Launch: Emails you can use to promote the launch of any product. Even if its a relaunch,
Webinar Invitation (Affiliate): Emails you can use to invite your subscribers to attend a webinar you are promoting,
Affiliate Promotion: Emails you can use to promote products or services owned by others,
Cart Abandonment: Emails you can use to bring back the visitors who did not complete their purchase,
Re-Engagement: Emails you can use to re-engage your inactive subscribers,
JV Invite Email: Use these emails to invite JV partners and affiliates to promote your product launch,
Discount Offers: Emails you can use to promote different discount and time-limited offers.

High-Converting Scripts For Your Videos:
Lead Capture Page Video Script: If you are running lead generation campaign. Use this script to create a highly convincing video for your landing page,
Facebook & Instagram Video Script: Use this to create an attention grabbing and highly converting script for your Facebook and Instagram ad videos,
Long Form Sales Video: Use this script to create a highly converting sales video for your product/service sales pages,
YouTube Ad Video Script: If you are running a YouTube video ad. Use this script to create a short ad video that forces the viewer to listen and click your ad,
OTO Video Script: Use this script to create powerful videos that will bring high conversions for your product OTOs,
Cross-Sell Videos Script: Create highly converting videos to cross sell your products using this script,
Pre-Launch Video Script: Use this script to create teaser videos that will create excitement and anticipation in the minds of your viewers.

Sales Page Copies, Ads, Emails & Video Scripts Can MAKE Or BREAK An Online Business with CopyMatic:
Right from the landing page of your product or service to emails to videos & ads across social media they can make or break your brand. Your product or service could be the best in the world solve the biggest problem at still NOT sell. And here you thought that the product is the main thing. Shocked?. After years of being in the business… we’ve realized that it’s not what you’re selling that matters… it’s the words that you are using that count. If your copy is interesting & relatable enough you’ve got your customer hooked right there. It’s important that they’ve never read anything like it and are deeply persuaded to give it a try. That’s the only way you can CONVERT visitors into actual sales.

The 3 Stages Of Every Marketer’s & Business Owner’s Journey In Search For Creating High-Converting Content For Their Business:
Stage #1 – Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) Is Good For A House Party Invite. Not Your Business: When starting out marketers & business owners often make the silly mistake of giving it a go themselves only to, Face serious disappointment, Realize that they wasted precious time on the painful task of writing, Understand that what they’ve written isn’t what “works” for the audience, Figure that brainstorming for days or even months is just not enough, Realize that no training course can ever prepare them for the hard world of copywriting,

Stage #2 – Let The Professionals Handle The Writing Part: Next stage is to HIRE expert copywriters or freelancers. This requires one to somehow manage to cut corners and get some writers on board. The results are unreliable just like the copies. Poor Conversions Because Of Inconsistency In Language & Message, Project Delays Due To Constant Fight For The Deadlines, Heavy Fees Burns A Hole In The Pocket, Unending Tantrums Lead to Further Frustrations running your business at the MERCY of copywriters & freelancers who get paid irrespective of whether you make any money or not makes the marketer or business owner go to,

Stage #3 – Leverage the Technology: There have been a few software launched in the market that claim to help you write a copy but so far each of these came with their own set of problems like. Template based copies, high recurring fees, Limited type of copes, Generate incoherent content.

You Can Now Master The Art Of Copywriting WITHOUT Lifting Your Finger Or Spending A Fortune:
CopyMatic simplifies the art of copywriting. You can generate unlimited written content for all your marketing requirements regardless of the niche. Not only do you save the time that you would’ve put into writing yourself you also save the money you would’ve given expensive writers. It increases conversions while decreasing your ad spend. The best part is that it is tried & tested to convert every single time. So no more disappointment. All this value is being offered to you at an incredibly low one-time cost so low that you won’t even notice (but only when you buy TODAY).

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