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CPA Suite OTO 1st to 6th: There is one FE option & 6 OTOs. First CPASuite OTO is Done For You, Second is Case Studies, Third CPASuite OTO is 6x Reseller License, Fourth CPA Suite OTO is 6 Figure Training, Fifth is 3 Traffic Softwares, Sixth is 45 WSOTD. There are other CPA Suite OTO downsells. All the info >>>

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FrontEnd Details

How Did We Reach Here?:
First We Solved The Traffic Problem. With The Proven CPA Traffic System. I stumbled upon a unique CPA Traffic System by accident. Yup! 03 years back, I actually lost money as I had to pay for the ads! I can still remember the overwhelming feelings of failure but I didn’t want to give up. I knew that there were CPA marketers out there making a full time income, and I wanted to join them. So I carried on, pushing forward, reading, and implementing… After months of testing, tweaking and getting more and more frustrated.
I Finally Struck Gold:
A simple campaign made me $19.20. OK, I was still a long way off from the ‘guru’ lifestyle, but this one campaign was making me a consistent $19.20 per day. So I decided to see if I could ‘rinse and repeat’ the success, and I created another SIMPLE campaign And I want to show you EXACTLY what I know… because I don’t want you to go through the same pain and frustration I went through. Even if I could help just one person changes his life. I will feel succeeded,
And then, within next 48 hours, I had My First Big CPA Day. Guess what? That day, it brought in $76.10:
I’m just a guy who was persistent enough to find a source of laser targeted traffic, and a technique for running simple campaigns, so I could reap the rewards. That being said I really don’t want you to have to go through the frustration, hours of staring at a laptop and, of course, the financial losses that I did. Which is why I’m excited to share exactly how I do it, so you can rinse and repeat what works 100%.

Second We Created A Tool To Get Everything Done For You. A Complete Solution To Get You Started Within 5 Min:
When I started with CPA back in 2015, I was working on just 1 or 2 CPA networks. But with the time, so many offers & networks came in picture, which eventually made it so difficult to find the right CPA offer which will convert for you. The NEED was to find the right CPA offers after comparing the payouts, conversion rates, right targeting country & figuring out that this offer will have less competition for you.
CPA (cost per action) is a tried-and-true affiliate marketing model that’s especially popular in the insurance, education and beauty industries,
When I first got started with CPA Marketing in Oct 2015; not only were the number of CPA Niches and offers limited but there were very few CPA Networks,
The explosion of traffic sources has given rise to multiple CPA Niches and Networks. There are even CPA Networks that allow only one type of traffic source,
However, finding lucrative CPA offers isn’t as straightforward as grabbing an affiliate link and pasting it on your site,
Today the scenario is totally different,
Most people have a hard time finding the right CPA Offer & Network. Moreover there are no automated solutions to find & evaluate CPA Offers.

This CPA Software & Proven CPA Traffic system is for you, if you’re:
Tired of searching the right offer to promote?,
Tired of waiting to increase the ‘Conversion Rate’?,
Tired of experimenting everything they promised will work?,
Tired of purchasing Solo Ads?,
Tired of wasting money on Paid ads?,
Tired of paying for hosting/domains?.

Inside, CPA Suite You’ll Discover Combo of DFY CPA Software + Proven Traffic System:
Software: Software will allow anyone to discover CPA offers from dozens of niches, compare which CPA Offers give the best ROI & to discover untapped international CPA Offers from over 32 countries,
Easily discover Untapped CPA Offers from dozens of Niches like dating, finance etc,
See which CPA Offers are offering the best pay-out,
Easily compare CPA Offers from top 5 CPA Networks,
Harvest CPA Offers from dozens of International CPA Networks,
Easily view & export all the results.
Proven CPA Traffic From Google Ads,
Proven Traffic Strategy Comes With 5 Modules,
Module 1: Sign Up For CPA Networks,
Module 2: High Converting CPA Offer Selection,
Module 3: Decide Your Funnel (Brainstorming),
Module 4: Create Your Funnel & More,
Module 5: Bring Traffic To Your Funnel.

Discover 100s of CPA Offers from dozens of Niches, see which CPA Offers can give you the best ROI, discover untapped International CPA Networks before your competitors And best of all apply to these networks:
Find CPA Offers Fast: You can easily discover untapped CPA offers in under 60 seconds,
Compare Payouts: You can easily compare payouts from various CPA Networks,
Increase Your Earnings: Increase your CPA earnings by having the ability to search CPA Offers fast,
Compare CPA Offers: You can easily compare CPA offers from the top 5 CPA Networks,
Search From Multiple Niches: You can search offers from over 40 niches like dating, finance, automotive etc,
Find Relevant Offers: Software lets you view the latest and most recently updated CPA Offers,
View & Export Results: You can quickly view the results in the UI or export them to a CSV,
Search International Networks: CPA Suite Software lets you harvest CPA Offers from over 34 non-English speaking countries.

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