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Purx OTO 1st to 5th: There is one FE option & 5 OTOs aka One Time Offers. First Purx OTO is Unlimited Version, Second OTO is Gold Edition, Third Purx OTO is Unlimited Traffic, Fourth is 10x Done For You, Fifth is Agency Rights. There are other Downsells. All the info >>>

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Front End WalkThrough

Purx Comes Loaded With Many Powerful Features:
Fresh, Unique & Viral Content: Especially designed for fetching trending viral & content over the internet,
Support RTL: Only a few languages in the world use RTL text direction, but these languages cover over a billion people,
Viral Traffic Engine: Drive Unlimited Traffic with this Viral Engine that works totally Hands Free,
100% Mobile Responsive: Sites render perfectly across all devices,
Self Updating Viral Sites: Automatically update your site every 5 minutes, 24 hours, or anything in-between for fresh viral content,

List Building: Include op tin forms that integrates with mail chimp and other autoresponders,
Commenting System: Choose your commenting system Disqus / Facebook,
Text Spinner Support: Direct integration with Spin Rewriter lets you spin posts into unique content for a huge SEO boost,
Custom RSS Support: Allows you to plugin any RSS feed for fresh content from unlimited sources,
Complete Content: The software pulls FULL articles from source including feature images,

Custom Posts: Set parameters to publish articles based on content length, title length & keyword,
Customize Content: Modify the post title & content before publishing,
Passive Commissions: Drive higher profits by automatically replacing keywords with affiliate links,
Custom Engagement: Enable / disable comments & pingbacks for every automated post,
Multiple Post Options: Convert any article into a post, attachment, revision or menu item,
Social Media Auto Share: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram auto scheduling and sharing,
Step by Step Video Training: Step-by-step video training on how to get started AND maximize profits Powerful Search Engine, Individual Author Pages, Fully Responsive, works on any mobile device, tablet or Desktop,
Make Money With Ads: Integrated with 20+ Ad Sections for easy Ads Management.

Completely FREE Traffic Which Means, You’ll Get To Keep All The Profit:
The thing you’ll love about Purx is you aren’t forced to fork over a chunk of your profits for paid ads. The traffic is 100% FREE. Which means, you get to keep every penny of the profit. Gone are the days of getting screwed over with big ad expenses from Google, Facebook, and solo ad sellers.

Finally, You Found The Missing Piece:
Finally, You Found The Missing Piece. (This Is Your Chance To Try This Fail Proof Software…). Can you imagine what’s it like to find success online?. Like to make money online, every – single – day, every week.
I can tell you it’s a priceless feeling,
It’s a feeling of freedom and power,
I admit that no drug can beat this feeling,
All of your financial worries will be gone once you get this software today,
No more worry if you can pay this or that bill,
No more worrying that you get more and more into debts,
You’ll experience a piece of mind and life will be fun again.

Finally, Enjoy The LIFESTYLE You Deserve:
Get Insane Traffic With Purx and Make Sales Without Any Experience,
Quit Your 9-5 Job and make $100-$1000 Paydays with Purx,
Go On Luxury Vacations,
Provide Your Loved Ones With Stability,
No More Long Commutes To Work,
Buy What You Want,
Achieve Piece Of Mind.

We Have Your Back With Our 100% Money Back Guarantee:
If you encounter any technical issues with our software, and we’re not able to help you out, simply ask for a full refund and we’re happy to send your payment back. Important: When you ask for a refund, make sure you have proof that you’ve tried to make our software work for you, and that you’ve reached out for help and that we couldn’t solve your problem. This is not a “No-Questions-Asked” Money back guarantee. Let me tell you why, because we have a 99% customer success rate to get, pretty much whatever problem you might encounter, solved in time. But let me tell you that if you decide to get in today, you won’t regret it because all of our customers have seen money rolling in very very quickly. If you follow the step-by-step video training to set everything up, you’ll start seeing sales and money coming in too, period.

It’s Time To Make A Decision:
I’ve told you everything about Purx. You have all the facts. You saw that Purx works and that it makes our customers money, every single day. The question now is, Do you want to make passive income on a daily basis too?. If so, Purx can solve that problem for you once and for all. That’s really all there is to it.

You Should Just Get A REAL JOB:
This is very common. Trust me, I’ve been there. My family and friends have been making fun of all attempts to make money online for years. That’s why I kept buying more and more products. Started investing in expensive coaching programs. Only to find out that none of that stuff actually worked for me. Can you relate?.

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