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Shuffler OTO Traffic, Viral Funnel, Niche, Passive Cash, Commissions: There is 1 FE option & 5 OTOs. First OTO is Daily Traffic Machine, Second Shuffler OTO is Viral Funnel Pro Version, Third Shuffler OTO is 7 Figure Niche Activator, Fourth Shuffler OTO is 5x Passive Cash Plugin, Fifth is $1,000 Commissions Robot. There are other downsells. All the info >>>

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OTOs Don't Work If You Don't Have Front End,
Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

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FrontEnd Details

We just obliterated the #1 problem with Done For You Funnels:
You are a GOD SEND! I was so tired of competing with other people using the same exact sites as me, and holy smokes these funnels are Genius . What’s the #1 problem and drawback to “done-for-you” funnel apps?. Well it’s obviously that you’re paying money for Duplicates of the same funnels 1000’s of other people are using meaning you have loads of competition before you even get started. But at last, from this point forward, you’ll never have to use a duplicate funnel again. And never again will you have to compete with 1,000’s of other people using the same funnels.

Only our 100% done for you funnels are unique to you:
I’m actually having FUN shuffling through websites and funnels and keeping the ones I wanna make money with. Our new app is the ONLY software in the world that churns out 100% unique where each and every funnel is (still) 100% done-for-you instantly. Literally 1 click is all it takes to pop off one professional viral funnel after another, with zero work.
And I do mean zero:
NO click and drag, NO fill in the blank, NO uploading, NO designing, NO training needed.
Literally none of that. You just click the app’s “Shuffle” button and BOOM, you’ve got an exclusive viral funnel 100% ready to rock. Don’t like the funnel shown? Just click the button again to instantly “shuffle” a new one. It’s quite literally so easy a small child could do it

Imagine having 52 billion viral funnels at your fingertips:
I was very skeptical. I mean, BILLIONS of sites… how is that even possible? But you guys pulled if off! I’m STUNNED. That’s right. 52 BILLION. That’s literally how many uniquely different funnels are at your fingertips, 24-7, with our app. The entire population of the earth is less than 8 billion people. And therefore, with over 52 BILLION possible funnels to “shuffle and choose” from any time you need a HOT new funnel each funnel you choose to keep is statistically guaranteed to be uniquely your own ready to turn your affiliate accounts into something to be proud of. This is simply the ultimate software and resource for anybody who wants to make money online. Your current and past funnel apps have just become OBSOLETE.
But Wait:
Okay you guys are nuts, do you know how much you could be charging for all of this. The (awesome) funnels AND guaranteed leads? I’m in awe. If our new app was just a viral funnel builder, I’d tell you that we’ve changed the funnel software game forever And we have. But our app is actually much more than “just” a viral funnel generator. Don’t get me wrong. We could have stopped cold at 52 BILLION funnels. But we wanted to set a new gold standard, and bring an ALL-INCLUSIVE income system to the market a complete solution that literally guarantees your online success for the first time ever. Which is precisely why we’re going to send every single one of our app users.

100% Guaranteed Leads & Traffic on AutoPilot:

I’ve seen services that sell crappy email lists so that’s what I thought this might be, but noooooo you are sending ACTUAL leads opting in to my email list. So freaking cool. We’ve been where you are. We realize you’ve already tried other funnel and website apps (even though I guarantee nothing like ours) but still haven’t seen much success, if any.

The simple reason is, you aren’t getting any Traffic or Leads:
In other words, we know the market, and know that getting traffic and leads is your SINGLE roadblock to online wealth. It’s quite literally why you’ve likely failed up to this moment. Without question, it’s the “common man’s” #1 struggle online. So we set our minds to solving the problem ONCE AND FOR ALL, and weren’t going to rest until we did. And we couldn’t be more excited about the end result.

The 1st every opt in autopilot lead generator of it’s kind:
I’m so used to hype and being disappointed, but you guys Really Actually Literally came through and delivered.
Here’s the secret, and listen close:
If you’ve got a list of opt-in emails, then you’ve also got unlimited Free traffic & commissions on demand and that’s because you can blast emails and offers to your email list literally any time you want, day or night exactly like I do to make over $14K per month with email alone, and across multiple affiliate accounts.
So with that in mind, as promised, we’re going to send you fresh daily OPT-IN leads, and do it on literal AutoPilot to grow you a cash-on-demand, Free email traffic source of your very Own. And instead of offering this service as an expensive monthly upgrade, we’ve including it in our main front end app for Free – but only if you act now, before leaving this page. And just to be crystal clear, I’m NOT talking about autopilot results delivered from or by people you refer into the system (for example).

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