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SimpleList Upsell 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th: There is one FE offer & 5 Upsells. First Simple List Upsell is Traffic Version, Second Simple List Upsell is Free Traffic Secrets, Third is DFY Emails, Fourth is Mentorship, Fifth is Partnership Program. There are other SimpleList Upsell downsells. All the info >>>

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Front End Details

This Model Was Specifically Designed To Change The Way People Build Lists and Make Money Online Forever:
Now as you may know, I have been launching products online for over 14 years. At the time of me writing this, I have a total of 71 POTD awards and have been nominated for Product of the Year Twice. After being involved in over 200 product launches, thousands of affiliate promotions, and hundreds of webinars. I became fascinated by one simple question. An extremely simple question with an answer that took me years to truly figure out the answer. The question was simple. “Why Am I Able To Get Results Like THIS While Most Aren’t Able To See Any Results At All???. Was it mindset?. Sales Experience?. Focus?. Was I just some sort of psychopath that was able to do stuff that others aren’t?. I honestly had no idea what the answer was But if I was going to keep my education business alive, I had to figure it out. See, I’m all about getting results. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters. If you’re selling something and you aren’t getting your customers results, you should be in jail. Did my customers just not download the right “3 clicks to millions” software yet?. Maybe they weren’t “ninja” enough?. Or maybe they didn’t have the right “underground hack.” I sat on this question for a while and bounced it off of some people in a few masterminds that I’m in. And no, these aren’t some 997 “mastermind” programs sold by a guy who started his business 2 weeks ago. These masterminds cost me a total of $90,000 a year combined. Some real high level $hit. When I ask the question to some of the members of these masterminds, I got typical answers. Mindset, goals, diet, sleep, etc. Funny thing is, this is mainly what we talk about in those “high level” groups. But I kept digging. “Lets assume they have the right mindset, all they eat is grass, they took every Brian Tracy goals course, and they sleep 8 hours a night…Why can’t they do it?” I wasn’t going to stop until I got the answer. Then someone shouted something out that I never even thought about. You’d know this persons name…and he’s one of the smartest people I know. He stood up in the back of the room and said.

It’s Easy For Us To Do What We Do Because We Have People To Sell To. The Average Person Buying Your Stuff Doesn’t Have That Solve That Problem And You Got A Winner:
This “HERO” (hint on who said it) completely nailed it. I was a little embarrassed because the answer was pretty obvious. But I just didn’t think of it. Once that virtual mastermind meeting was over I got to work. I set out to build the best, most comprehensive audience building program ever created. Why?. Because I put my heart and soul into everything I do…and we should always try to be the best. So I went into hard core hobbit mode, shut everything out, cut out all the distractions, and started doing what I do best. Building a product that will change people’s lives forever.

A Newbie Friendly Way To Start Building A List Without Having To Create Or Sell Anything Ever:
Even if you’ve failed in the past or have ‘tried everything’ and haven’t gotten it to ‘work for you’. have to admit, I got a little excited. And I don’t get excited about anything (besides fishing). So what I did was shot a text to a friend of mine and basically laid out the entire process to him. He thought I was insane And I kind of did too but I wanted someone to try this with me and he agreed. So off to the races we went. He went his way. I went mine. We were both going to use the EXACT process I laid out and see what the results were after 30 days And what happened over those 30 days Absolutely Blew My Mind.

$10,000+ In Just A Few Hours Worth Of ‘Work’ Follow The Exact System I’m Outlining Here:
I have to admit, I was pretty amazed And I’ll admit one more thing – I gave myself about a 1% chance of succeeding And I guess I proved myself wrong. Not only was I brand new at this whole affiliate marketing thing (these were the first commissions I had made as an affiliate), but he was also a (former) “Failure.” In fact, I had spent quite a bit of money (around $10,000) trying to “figure out” this whole affiliate marketing thing And these were the first dollars I had ever made as an affiliate. It really changed everything for me. And I mean everything. There are ten of fifteen new products launching every day. As you probably know, most of them are around for a few weeks promising the world and delivering nothing. You probably bought quite a few of them – I know I have. Then there’s the ‘Clickfunnels’ of the world. Systems that come out and simply change the way things are done online. Models that allow anyone (including you) to get the results that you desire. This Is One Of Those Systems.

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