Vidmonial is launching on April 13, 2018

The only problem with video testimonials? It’s hard and very time consuming to get them!

That’s where Vidmonial comes in. Now anyone can start getting testimonials for their own products or profit by using it for their clients in just four easy steps:

1. Incentivize Your Buyers to Leave a Review

You can incentivize your customers or your client’s customers to leave a video testimonial in exchange for an ethical bonus, guide, coupon code, or any other incentive you want to give as a reward for their time. Then, Vidmonial will host a clean campaign page for you that walks customers through leaving the review.

2. They Record The Testimonial Quickly with Vidmonial’s Cloud Recording Tech.

Vidmonial walks customers through leaving the review while capturing profile pictures, star ratings, and more. Then, makes it easy in 1-click for the user to record the testimonial and submit it. Nothing for your to host or install.

3. Review the Testimonial and Embed Anywhere

Once the testimonial is submitted, users will automatically receive their promised incentive for the review. You can also review the testimonial in the Vidmonial portal and easily embed it anywhere you want.

4. Syndicate the Testimonial Around the Web for Traffic and Trust

In just a click, you can share the testimonial to Facebook and publish to YouTube as well for traffic. Now, instead of slaving away creating the videos yourself just have customers create them FOR you to use in your salespages, blogs, Facebook ads, YouTube channels, and more.

Want to see the Demo with One Time Offers’ Links?. Here are all the Vidmonial OTO Links & Here is the Vidmonial Video

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