Ads2List OTO 1, 2, 3 and 4 – All FOUR OTOs’ Links Here >>>

Ads2List OTO 1, 2, 3 and 4: There are two front end options and four other Ads2List OTO. 1st Ads2List OTO is Pro Version, 2nd Ads2List OTO is Agency License, the 3rd is Leads2List, the 4th is Tube Target. There is a down sell of Ads2List OTO 1. The product is by Cyril Jeet Gupta. All the links >>>

ads2list oto

All 4 Ads2List OTO Links Below

OTOs Don't Work If You Don't Have Front End,
Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End:
=>> Ads2List

OTO 1 (Pro Version):
=>> Ads2List OTO 1

OTO 2 (Agency License):
=>> Ads2List OTO 2

OTO 3 (Leads2List):
=>> Ads2List OTO 3

OTO 4 (TubeTarget):
=>> Ads2List OTO 4

Front End Walk Through

What is Ads2List:
In December 2019 Google introduced a new ad campaign goal. Leads. Now you can run Lead-Gen ads on Google & YouTube and allow your targeted audience to give you their email address and phone number without forcing them to sign up on your site.
However, there was no way to bring those leads into your Autoresponders. Ads2List solves that problem. Your customers need Ads2List to successfully use Google’s Lead ads. Google Ads + Ads2List = leads, direct in autoresponders.

Uses Google Ad’s Web hook technology & APIs for 100% accurate and fast processing,
Run Google lead-gen ads and send leads directly into your autoresponder,
Single setup runs forever. Leads keep pouring in without any maintenance,
Send welcome emails containing access or other details to anyone who signs up,
100% Accurate Google Emails. You can virtually guarantee this is the user’s main account,
Single click signup. Your prospect never has to fill any information,
Connect multiple Google campaigns and multiple Autoresponders,
Get the lead BEFORE the prospect visits your landing page,
100% Compatible with GDPR & PECR,
Grab name, email, phone an zip code,
So easy to use that even complete newbies can do this,
Target any audience and run low cost ads on Google,
Run video ads on youtube (grab leads from youtube itself),
Prospects click on the ad to subscriber,
Nobody has to type out any email,
Nobody has to confirm anything or mark any checkbox,
You can take them to any location on the web after you get the lead,
The most powerful way to get accurate leads online.

Ads2List is The System To Grow Your List Forever:
Create a Campaign: Add the Google Campaigns you want to promote to Ads2List and you’re ready to work with them,
Add Your Autoresponder: Connect all your autoresponders and it’ll automatically fetch your lists from them,
Google Ad -> List: Just select which Campaign goes to which Autoresponder List,
Let it Pour: Watch the leads pour into autoresponder lists without you having to do anything else,
Auto Welcome Email: Set up welcome emails containing your bonuses or any pitch for the fresh subscriber,
Revi*ew Anything: Keep a tab on your subscribers and see how your lists are growing.

Your List-building Strategy is Outdated Upgrade it To Something That Works:
Yes, list-building as you know it is dead. Gone are the days when you could just herd subscribers to a lousy free eBook, grab their email ID and mail them for rest of your Internet Marketing life. That just doesn’t work anymore.
Here are the reasons why:
Subscribers got smart. They already get so much mail that now they’ve developed a mental resistance to typing out their email addresses,
People have started putting in fake or temporary email addresses. Emails they will never look at again,
It takes too much time and effort to type out the email id and any other information that you ask for. Your customers are moving on without filling your forms.

Why It’s So Hard To Use Google Lead gen Ads:
All you get from google is a CSV with your leads,
Can’t connect to autoresponders without being a coder,
Even automation as simple as sending a welcome mail requires coding.

Google Leadgen + Ads2List Works:
You get signups from ads, not from other people mailing for you,
Nobody has to fill in anything. Sign up is as easy as clicking,
Leads go straight in your autoresponder and you can mail them from there.

Ads2List Will Help You No Matter What Kind of Business You Run:
Product Vendor: Get more leads and customers and improve your profits by sending your customers special offers, reminders, coupons, etc. Make it easy with Google + Ads2List,
Affiliate Marketers: Your churn rate is high. You need an address and email source that can be relied upon to bring you unlimited leads. Google + Ads2List is that source,
Ecom Sellers: Generate leads cheap and sell to them again and again through Email marketing. It’s really easy to bring your leads to your autoresponder with Ads2List + Google,
Email Marketers: Stop panicking about shrinking responsive list size. Market to fresh leads everyday with Google + Ads2List,
Local Businesses: Reach local people in your area or city through Google and grab their phone numbers. Email them, call them and convert them into customers with Google + Ads2List,
Amazon Sellers: Bring relevant customers to your Amazon shop using Google + email traffic. Never fails to work. Easy with Google + Ads2List.

Don’t Let Your Business Run Out of Profits Cause You Ran Out of Leads:
Don’t let your business starve for fresh customers and business when a fresh lead source can be created in just a few clicks,
Don’t let your profits dry up because your conventional lead source is drying up. Re-surge with Google leads,
Don’t end up ignoring the platform which can get you an endless supply of affordable leads,
Don’t invite GDPR trouble and problems by using improper practices like Solo ads to build your list,
Don’t lose leads because you are forcing them to fill in their email ids, which they won’t.

Fresh Leads, Fresh Customers, Fresh Profits Everyday:
Bring fresh responsive leads to your autoresponder lists everyday and sell to them again and again,
Tap into the most powerful lead source on the web – Google. Watch fresh leads coming to you every day,
Single-click sign up reduces resistance and gives you a bigger bang for your investment every time,
Automatic welcome message helps you engage the customer and deliver your bonuses or offer instantly,
Switch on and forget technology brings you leads without you having to work every day.

4 Powerful Ways To Get Sales With Ads2List Commercial Rights:
Run their lead campaigns on google ads for a cut of their spending,
Sell leads. Find leads for any niche and sell them at a premium to business owners,
Build a list in any niche and sell solo ads to the businesses in that niche,
Sell other people’s products as an affiliate and build a list at the sames time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work with any business?
Yes, if your business has customers you can profit from this system. It brings customers to your autoresponders directly and gives you the power to mail them.

Do I have to be technical to use this?
No, it’s made to be simple. You can just set it up once and then leave it to work on its own. We’ve got training for every step.

Will it be improved?
Yes, we always maintain and grow our software. You can look forward to increased functionality and support for more autoresponders and features as we go.

Will it work on my Mac?
Yes, this is a web based software and will work on PC and Mac and also your smartphone.

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