Challenges App OTO 1, 2, 3, 4 – All FOUR OTOs’ Links >>>

Challenges App OTO 1, 2, 3, 4: There is a front end option and four other OTOs. The 1st is All Access, the 2nd Challenges App OTO is Agency License, the 3rd is BookCamp, the 4th Challenges App OTO is Funnels. There are no other Challenges App OTO Down Sells. The product is by Sam Bakker. All the links >>>

challenges app oto

All 4 Challenges App OTO Links Below

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End Details

With Challenges App you can now use our newest technology To create professional, time-based or evergreen challenges In minutes. All In 3 Easy Steps:
Step #1 – Create your Challenge: Choose a name for your challenge, a guide then create your Challenge. Select a start date, end date, create lessons for your challenge and when those lessons will be released,
Step #2 – Customize Your Challenge: Use our ‘Visual Editor’ to quickly and effortlessly customize your challenge. Preview your challenge within one click,
Step #3 – Publish & Sell Your Challenge: Publish your challenge and invite your first students. Integrate with your favorite third party service and pre-selling or selling spots to your challenge. Automatically manage your challenge as students engage. View student progress and add new students throughout the duration of your challenge.

What Features You’re Going To Get Access Today With Challenges App:
Challenge Feature #1: Plan your entire challenge within an easy to use drag and drop ‘Challenge Planner’. Plan out your challenge. Choose what days different ‘challenge lessons’ are released. Perfect your lessons structure and what’s included within each lesson within a drag and drop visual editing system,
Challenge Feature #2: Create challenges within our drag and drop ‘Visual Editing’ System. You can fully customize your ‘Challenge’ lessons as you want. Customize your lessons within the lessons planner. Perfect your lessons structure and what’s included within each lesson within a drag and drop visual editing system,

Challenge Feature #3: Create ‘pre-sell’ events around your challenges. Build hype around your challenges and pre-sell spots to them months in advance. Users can receive access to the ‘Challenge Area’ and see a countdown timer for when the challenge will begin,
Challenge Feature #4: Auto-Enrol students to your challenges. Invite students to your challenges or use third party software to automatically enrol new customers of your startup software or fitness programs,

Challenge Feature #5: Set Start Time’s & End Times or Run Automated Evergreen Challenges. Choose the start time and end time of your challenge. For example you can choose to run your challenge throughout January. All of your students can pre-pay and join your membership before January. Then the ‘Challenge’ inside the membership will unlock when the challenge begins. Everyone can join the challenge at the same time. Alternatively allow for students who join to begin the challenge immediately after signup year round selecting the ‘Evergreen Challenges’ option,

Challenge Feature #6: Drip Feed Content Lessons. Change the order of your content within your lessons and customize as you wish. Every lesson comes with a timer as to the amount of time that the lesson can be completed in to stay up to date. Choose when your students can access each lesson,
Challenge Feature #7: Create & Revi*ew Homework. Create homework for your students to submit each day of your challenge. Customize your homework then as students submit the homework you can revi*ew their homework within your challenges ‘homework’ dashboard. Write comments and respond to homework as you re*view it. Require homework to be completed before moving to the next lesson or enable students to skip homework if they like and move to the next step,

Challenge Feature #8: Keep Students Engaged With Reminders & Challenge Notifications. As your students run through your challenge keep them engaged with reminders and notifications. Customize when they receive notifications and reminders. Keep them engaged and returning to complete daily lessons within your challenge,
Challenge Feature #9: Challenge Completion Certificates. Once a student has successfully completed your challenge you can send a customized certificate to congratulate them. Choose when a certificate is sent to your students and reward your students’ achievement. Students receive a digital version of the certificate but can also receive a physical certificate if you wish as well,

Challenge Feature #10: Communicate & Engage Your Students Through Group Chat & Chat Threads. Communicate with your students as a whole within time-based challenges. Broadcast messages to all of your students through group chat. Students can ask questions, submit information or engage directly with both you and other users within the group. This helps to create a collaborative and encouraging environment for your students. Students can connect with one another and encourage each other as they work towards completing your challenge,

Challenge Feature #11: Automatically Enroll Challengers Into Weekly Workshops or Webinars. As students signup for your challenge you may want to also run weekly workshops. These workshops can serve as weekly rev*iews that recap what has happened over the last week within your challenge. Or they could be live Q&A sessions to help your students better navigate your challenge. With this feature you can now automatically enroll your new students into these webinars directly after their purchase so they never miss a live call.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this offer be available for?
This offer is available for a limited time. Once this launch closes down this offer will become unavailable. Once this launch expires you will need to purchase this upgrade for a monthly or yearly price. The Member App Challenges starting in January will be $197 minimum to join separately.

Does this include commercial rights?
Yes, you can use every one of these features with your clients. It’s one of the benefits in securing access within this founder launch. Commercial rights is included.

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