Creaite OTO 1, 2, 3 & 4 – All FOUR OTOs’ Links Here >>>

Creaite OTO 1, 2, 3 & 4: There are lite and agency licenses as front end options and four other OTOs. The 1st Creaite OTO is Plus Version, the 2nd is Booster Version, the 3rd is Connect Version, the 4th Creaite OTO is White Label Rights. There are no other down sells. The product is by Joshua Zamora and Kyle Colyer. All the links >>>

creaite oto

All 4 Creaite OTO Links Below

OTOs Don't Work If You Don't Have Front End,
Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End:
=>> Creaite

OTO 1 (Plus Version):
=>> Creaite OTO 1

OTO 2 (Booster Version):
=>> Creaite OTO 2

OTO 3 (Connect Version):
=>> Creaite OTO 3

OTO 4 (White Label Rights):
=>> Creaite OTO 4

Front End Walk Through

Done-For-You Content For ALL Your Sites in over 25 50 of the Hottest Niches,
Never write content yourself or pay for content EVER AGAIN,
Real Artificially Intelligent System That Only Needs 90 Seconds To Write You a 400-1,000 Article,
First-of-its-kind, REAL A.I Content Platform to hit JVZOO,
We Guarantee You Will NOT Be Able To Tell Your Content was A.I Generated,
Truly Unique Content That Passes CopyScape Every Time – Guaranteed.

We’ve Simplified The Entire Process of Getting High-Quality Content Written FOR YOU Into 3 Simple Steps:
Step 1 – Login To Our Web-Based Dashboard: Creaite is a 100% web-based tool. That means that it does NOT matter what kind of computer you have. As long as you have an internet connection, you can have it writing your content for you,

Step 2 – Tell it What Niche You Want Your Content In: This is the exciting Step. Here is where you see the MAGIC happen! All you have to do here is. Select your main niche, Select your sub-niche, Choose what folder you’d like your articles to go into (optional), Provide it with just ONE seed-sentence so it knows EXACTLY what you want content written about. This one sentence can come from anywhere. It can come from an existing article posted on ANY site, it can come from a sentence you write quickly yourself, it can come from a PLR article. It doesn’t really matter. Once you have that one sentence, It will turn it into a complete, perfectly readable article in under 90 seconds. Plus, It Will Also Create A Totally Unique Article Every.Single.Time. Even if you use the SAME Seed Sentence. How Cool is that, right? Yup! You can use the same seed sentence over and over and get a unique article each time,

Step 3 – Copy, Edit, Download, or Share Your Content: At this point we’ve provided you with several different options. Once your article has been created, you’ll be able to. Immediately copy your article so you can publish it to your site right away, Edit the article in ANY way you’d like. Although we can confidently say that 90% of our articles will require LITTLE to no editing at all (we still have to factor in the odd articles that will need some editing or customizing to match your site/client), Organize your articles into different niche folders so you can keep everything organized based on niches, sites or clients, Download your content so you can edit it locally, Instantly SHARE your articles with our built-in sharing features so you can deliver your work to your clients within SECONDS! *(part of OTO 3).

However, Actually Creating Content Is A HUGE Pain In The ASS, Right?:
Let’s be honest here… Most of us AVOID creating content, because it’s a HUGE pain in the ass. (even though we know we SHOULD be doing it). Trust me, I know from FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. When I first started online, I had to write ALL my content myself. I’d spend hours upon, upon HOURS writing and revising my content for each one of my sites – and I had TWELVE different sites. And I would also write weekly articles targeting different keywords and audiences to keep my sites growing with fresh new content, so I can keep getting more and more traffic. This would eat up SOOOO much of my time that could’ve been spent on more productive and profitable tasks. Thankfully After MONTHS of Having To Write ALL my Content, My Sites Started to bring in consistent profit. Hence, why content is SOO important! The more content and value you can provide to any specific niche, the more money you can make. So logically, the FIRST Thing I did when my sites started making money, was to invest ALL my profit into OUTSOURCING my content generation.

However, it did NOT take long to realize that Outsourcing Content Comes With It’s OWN Set of NightMares:
Let me quickly share a BIG secret with you that MOST people WILL NOT tell you about hiring a content writer:
ALL the REALLY good content writers are REALLY expensive – These are the ELITE writers which will require ZERO to VERY little editing per article they write for you. Be prepared to pay $25-$50 for just ONE 400-500 word article,
ALL the CHEAP content writers will send you content that will require SOOOO much editing on your part, that it would have been better for you to have just written the article YOURSELF,
And finally ALL the IN-BETWEEN content writers (which means decent articles at decent prices) are SOOO busy that you’re going to have to wait AT LEAST 10-14 days to get just ONE article written for you.

Talk About Awesome, Right:
We’ve Created The FIRST and BEST Artificially Intelligent Content Creation System To EVER Hit JVZOO. This is REAL Artificial Intelligence Combined With The Power Of Content Creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Credits Work?
It’s pretty simple. For our standard articles, it’s 1 credit for 1 article. For our Premium feature articles, it’s 3 credits per article. That means you’ll be able to get articles for less than $1 per article during this special.

Is this the same as a Content Scraper?
Absolutely NOT. The content you’ll be getting is NOT being “sourced” from 3rd party sites, or being scraped from ANYWHERE.

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