DIY Lead Magnets OTO

DIY Lead Magnets OTO & Its Downsell: There is 1 Front End Offer, 1 OTO and 1 Downsell. The only DIY Lead Magnets OTO Gold version and the Downsell is Its Silver versions. All the info & Links Here >>>>>

DIY Lead Magnets OTO

All DIY Lead Magnets OTO Links Below

Front End:
=>> DIY Lead Magnets

OTO 1 (Gold Monthly / Annually):
=>> DIY Lead Magnets OTO 1

OTO 2 (Silver Monthly / Annually):
=>> DIY Lead Magnets OTO 2


The new software has been specially developed to allow for the creation of unique lead magnets…

Created by yourself – without the need for you writing a work of it, (Or paying someone else to do it for you,)

AND, you can create as many as you want (the more optin forms you have out there, the more chance you have to add subscribers daily)

and it can do so… In just minutes

Create Your Own Lead Magnets Quickly & Easily,
No Restrictions – Create as Many Lead Magnets as You Wish,
You Can Add Affiliate Links Inside Your Lead Magnet to Generate Commissions,
Build Multiple Mailing Lists Quickly & Easily,
Perfect For Newbies & Struggling Marketers.

You Can Create a Lead Magnet in 3 Simple Steps:
Step 1: Choose your lead magnet,
Step 2: Add your content from out library,
Step 3: Publish your lead magnet.

The DIY Lead Magnet Software Includes:
A Database of Over 20,000 Articles,
Thousands of Images at Your Disposal,
The Ability to Make Each Magnet 100% Unique.

How to use DIY Lead Magnets:
1. Login to the Dashboard,
2. Click create new ebook – Enter Title & Author details along with Select an Image from the many categories available. (or upload your own) & Press Submit,
3. Click Add a Chapter, (and Add New Chapter for as many as YOU choose.),
4. Click Add New Article(s) from the A-Z of article types, Add an Image, click submit,
5. REPEAT step 4 until you’re happy with the content,
6. Tweak and add your bio/links etc,

You can create as many lead magnets as you wish, in as many niches as you’d like to,
You can add affiliate links inside to make commissions,
You can link to an offer, either an affiliate offer or your own after you get the opt-in,
You’ll have a growing list to send recommendations to as often as you like.

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