Green Screen Actors V2 OTO

Green Screen Actors V2 OTO aka Green Screen Actors V2 Upsell: This offer is launching on 5 April, 2018. It has 1 FE Offer and 3 One Time Offers. The 1st OTO is Developer License, the 2nd is the first version of Green Screen Actors + Developer Mega Bundle, the 3rd is White Label Rights. All Links Here >>>

Green Screen Actors V2 OTO

All Green Screen Actors V2 OTO Links

Front End:
=>> Green Screen Actors V2 Front End

OTO 1 (Developer Lincense):
=>> Green Screen Actors V2 OTO 1

OTO 2 (Green Screen Actors V1 + Developer Mega Bundle):
=>> Green Screen Actors V2 OTO 2

OTO 3 (White Label Rights):
=>> Green Screen Actors V2 OTO 3

Green Screen Actors v2 Details

Over 200 HD Green Screen Videos, Pro Actors and Models, Under $0.25 Cents per Video, 100% Unique and Original Footage, 20 Video Categories, 50+ Videos with “Added FX”, Compatible with Top Video Editors.

Skip The Hard Part and Save Money:
DON’T: Spend $1000’s on Hiring Actors, Professional Camera Guy and Renting Equipment,
DON’T: Waste MONTH’S of Time trying to create the content yourself,
DO: SAVE $1000’s over Stock-Footage Websites that charge $15 – $25 Per Video!

Let Me Tell You What You Get:
Greeting, Presenting, Pumping Fist, Clapping, Pointing, Using Phone, Call To Action (Subscribe, Sign Up Below, etc.), Using DSLR Camera, Shopping, Putting On Makeup, Using VR Headset, Fitness, DJ, Holding Umbrella, Playing Guitar, Remote & TV with Green Screen, Laptop with Green Screen, Phone with Green Screen, Holding Sign, Holding Business Card, Billboards & Ads.

You can use the soft wares like Camtasia, After Effects, Explaindio, Video Motion Pro, etc.. to edit it in three steps.

It Only Takes 3 Steps (in most programs):
Step 1: Choose Green Screen Video,
Step 2: Remove Green Background,
Step 3: Add ANY Background.

Extra Modules

More Green Screen Goodies to Help You Make Awesome Videos:
Out-Of-Focus HD Live Footage Videos, Out-Of-Focus Cinematic Background Images, HD Animated Backgrounds, 3D Animated Comic Phrases, Animated Speech Bubbles.


Over 50 Green Screen Videos With Special Effects Already Added…

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