Levidio The Feed OTO 1st to 2nd – BOTH OTOs’ Links Here >>>

Levidio The Feed OTO 1st to 2nd: There is a front end option and two other OTOs also known as one time offers. The 1st Levidio The Feed OTO is Pro Version – More Templates With Commercial License, the 2nd Levidio The Feed OTO is Levidio Super Mega Bundle, also there is another Levidio The Feed OTO Down Sell. The product is by Maulana Malik & Ilham Zulkarnain. All the links >>>

levidio the feed oto

Both Levidio The Feed OTO Links Below

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End:
=>> Levidio The Feed

OTO 1 (Pro – More Templates With Commercial License):
=>> Levidio The Feed OTO 1

OTO 2 (LEVIDIO Super Mega Bundle):
=>> Levidio The Feed OTO 2

Front End Walk Through

Create High-Quality Video & Graphic for All Marketing Needs, such as explainer video, social media kit, micro blog, Instagram content, Facebook feed, YouTube feed, google feed, Whats App feed, Twitter feed, marketplace feed, and more,
Includes The Amazing Content Idea App that Provides You 1500 Best Social Media Content Ideas for a Whole Year,
No Additional Plugins Required, everything is performed within PowerPoint,
Export your work to Up to 4K Video,
Choose from 600++ proven high converting templates,
Step by step tutorials help you to get started in minute.

Get Started With Levidio The Feed in 3 Simple steps:
It is designed so that even beginners can create professional videos and graphics for any needs. Choose, Customize, Export.

Why It?. This is Why it is Going To Be Your Best Video and Graphic Maker:
Over 600+ High-Quality Templates: Not only high quality, but we also provide the largest number of templates. So you don’t have to bother anymore to create your social media content,
Easy to customize: Click, edit and replace images, colors, text, and audio using just PowerPoint. It’s easy even for beginners,
Step by Step Tutorial: We have provided a detailed step-by-step tutorial to make sure you can master it faster and easier,
Easy to Integrate: Although you can edit all content using PowerPoint, you can also integrate your content with your favorite video editor like Camtasia, Premiere, After Effects, and others,
Innovative Effects & Layer neatness: It is a trendsetter for creating videos and graphics using PowerPoint. Animation and Design Layers are neat for easy customization,
Flexible License: With a Developer License, you can use it to open video creation, graphics, and social media management services. 100% of the profits from the service belong to you.

Check Out All Video Templates and Modules on it:
Module #1 – 31 Video Ad Explainer: Inside you’ll be getting video templates for all kinds of promotion or branding. All templates are easily editable using only power points! 31 templates available with 3 design ratios, so you’ll get a grand total of 93 Templates inside,
Module #2 – 17 Social Media Kit: Get ready to dominate the social media with the best design templates from it with 17 design kits with over 340 designs in 2 ratios. It’s a grand total of over 750 designs,
Module #3 – 24 Micro blog: Reach more audiences by sharing useful content using micro blogs, 24 animated and static templates available, with 2 ratios, 1: 1 (square) & 9:16 (stories),

Module #4 – 400+ Instagram Content: It’s time for you to dominate one of the fastest growing social media platforms with 400+ Templates and 1,000+ Designs,
Module #5 – 46 Facebook Feed: Over 2.7 Billion Worldwide Facebook users are ready to be amazed by your design. We have prepared 46 templates with over 140 designs inside,
Module #6 – 25 YouTube Feed: It’s time to show-off your YouTube channel with an attractive design from it,
Module #7 – 60 Google Feed: Beautify your Google feed and make it more professional and attractive quickly and easily,

Module #8 – 10 Whatsapp Feed: Stand out from the crown with the best design precisely optimized for your WhatsApp,
Module #9 – 10 Twitter Feed: Make your Twitter design 100x cooler than competitors with a touch of it,
Module #10 – 10 Marketplace Feed: It’s time to create an e-commerce feed design that strengthens your brand and product value,
Module #11 – Post Idea Calendar: Never worry about what to post today, we provide a whole year daily content ideas for the best niches! A grand total of 1,500 content ready for your copy and paste.
It saves you time and money in creating professional videos and graphics. But do you know what is better than saving money? Making money.

Front End Options:
Lite License: 31 Explainer Video Templates, 17 Social Media Kit, 24 Micro blog Templates, 400+ Instagram Content Templates, 46 Facebook Feed Templates, 25 YouTube Feed Templates, 60 Google Feed Templates, 10 Whats app feed Templates, 5 Twitter Feed Templates, 5 Marketplace Feed Templates,
Commercial License: ALL LITE LICENSE PLUS Commercial license, sell video & graphic creation service to your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?
It is PowerPoint Explainer/Presentation Video templates it’s not a software, plugin or WordPress theme.

What is my license?
You’ve got personal license, and you can use it on unlimited projects you own. You’re allowed for:
[YES] unlimited use on your web/video project,
[NO] RE-SELL in anyway,
[NO] Can’t use for giveaway bon*us.

How do i edit it? and How’s about compatibility?
Just open your PowerPoint 2013 or above, but we strongly suggest you to use PowerPoint 2016, because there is a morph effect in some parallax templates that is only work with PowerPoint 2016. Editing Levidio Cinemagic as easy as click and replace with your own content, LEVIDIO work in PowerPoint for WINDOWS AND MAC. But you need to know that PowerPoint for mac is not as good as ppt for windows, because ppt for mac can’t set the time for rendering. Some of the effects we have provided might won’t probably work if you’re not using Microsoft Office 2013/2016, but rest assured, the graphic is 100% identical. Microsoft Office 2013 & 2016 are highly recommended to use as it has more features than others, but you still can use Levidio Cinemagic optimally even though you use other software, It work best with PowerPoint 2013 & 2016 if you using office 2007 or 2010 it’s will open but some effect and layout will not working perfectly.

Does audio come with the package?
Unfortunately no. Due the licensing rule, we may only use audio for preview purposes. You can get the audio from sound stripe.

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