Local Lead Factory OTO 1st and 2nd – BOTH OTOs’ Links Here >>>

Local Lead Factory OTO 1st and 2nd: There is just one front end option and also 2 OTOs with a downsell. The 1st Local Lead Factory OTO is Done For You Upgrade, there is a down sell of Local Lead Factory OTO 1, there is also Local Lead Factory OTO 2 which is Shark Alliance Lead Factory. There are no other Local Lead Factory OTO or Down Sell. The product is by Nick Ponte, Tom Gaddis and Cameron Roat. All the links >>>

local lead factory oto

Both Local Lead Factory OTO Links Below

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO From Below,
Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End Details

What is Local Lead Factory?
Everything you need to turn cold leads in to paying clients quickly. How to quickly gather leads for FREE. The exact steps to follow to use our ready-to-go email and landing page to turn those cold leads into paying clients. How to automate most of this so you have leads being cultivated around the cloud. And the simple way to scale this up to 6 or even 7 figures.

No cold calling or door knocking,
No email list needed,
No prior local marketing or sales experience required,
You don’t need a website of your own,
You don’t need to know what services you’ll offer,
This works with most local services and we’ll also give you the BEST services to offer with this),
Includes ‘done for you’ emails and landing pages (Everything you need to get a client this week),
This system is PROVEN to turn ice cold leads into paying clients,
Battle-tested client-getting system that’s currently being used in our 7 Figure Local Agencies.

3 Simple Steps To Putting Money In Your Bank Account With Lead Factory:
Step 1: Watch our short, step-by-step training videos and follow along as we show you how to quickly and effortlessly set up your own personal Lead Factory and customize our PROVEN client-getting emails,
Step 2: Fire up your assembly line. We’ll show you how to find thousands of local leads in minutes for FREE. Your factory will be cranking in no time,
Step 3: Watch as your Lead Factory miraculously turns COLD leads into HOT prospects, ready to buy what you’re selling, sometimes within minutes.

Why You Should Listen To Us:
Although we love teaching and training other marketers, helping local businesses is our bread and butter and we’re in the trenches daily getting clients, providing local services, and closing deals. Because of our experience with local clients over the past few years, we’ve helped a lot of people, just like you, go from struggling to get a client to building 6 and even 7 figure agencies.

Why Lead Factory Is Different Than Every Other Local Client-Getting System Or Method You’ve Seen Before:
You get more than just training – Lead Factory includes ‘done for you’ emails and landing pages that make it fast and easy to turn cold leads into paying clients,
This entire Lead Factory system was created by 7 figure local agency owners that actually get clients and make money DOING this… not just teaching it,
This system is responsible for generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales from COLD leads in our own agencies,
The Lead Factory system is easy to use so it’s perfect for you if you’re a local newbie or you struggle with the technical stuff,
Inside, we’ll show you how to automate most of this so you convert cold leads around the clock,
This works fast! When you use the Lead Factory client-getting system, you’ll have a paying client THIS WEEK,
You don’t need a local website of your own or even a service in mind to sell – When you get Lead Factory today, we’ll give you a special bonus that shows you the Top 4 services we offer with this client-getting system and how to fulfill them.

Here’s Everything You Get Inside:
Lead Factory Step-By-Step Training: 5 modules that are done in an easy-to-follow format so you can get everything setup quickly even if you don’t have any technical skills or experience. How to quickly gather leads for FREE. The exact steps to follow to use our ready-to-go email and landing page to turn those cold leads into paying clients. How to automate most of this so you have leads being cultivated around the cloud And the simple way to scale this up to 6 or even 7 figures,
Proven Client-Getting Emails To Use As Your Own: You get emails that are proven to work for all the highest paying local business types (many of these you wouldn’t have ever thought of on your own). These emails are fast and easy to customize and upload for converting leads into clients. The ready-to-go emails you get are battle-tested and proven to work in our 7 figure local agencies so you can rest assured they will work for you,
High Response Landing Page: Once you’ve gotten their attention, how do you build their interest and move to close the deal? You need to book an appointment. The way we do it is with a custom-built, high-response landing page that pre-conditions your prospect to like and trust you, and gets them booked in your calendar. (Normally A $197 Upgrade) Yours FREE When You Purchase Lead Factory Today,
The Best Services To Offer Clients: Between the three of us, we’ve done EVERYTHING under the sun when it comes to local marketing. Use our experience to help guide you here.

The Real Value Of Lead Factory:
How much time have you spent struggling to get clients?. What about money?. How much have you spent on other courses and methods that never ended up making you anything?. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a client-getting system that actually works? something that you can use today, next week, and for months and even years to come to get clients ON DEMAND. That’s exactly what Lead Factory gives you, and you’ll be able to make your investment in your system back with your very first client.

Sometimes You have to think carefully and evaluate your options:
Keep Doing Whatever It Is You’re Doing Right Now To Get Clients: How’s that currently working for you?. Do you have a steady stream of clients coming in each week?. Are you able to turn ice cold lead into paying clients without cold calling or spending money?. If not, then it’s time to look at another option.
Get Lead Factory At A Discount And Turn Cold Leads Into Clients THIS WEEK (Next Week And Every Week After That.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this complicated?
Absolutely not. (I hate complicated stuff) This is the easiest prospecting system on the market. Plus, we walk you through how to do everything step-by-step.

Are there any additional costs?
No. We developed this system to work without expensive software or tools. In fact, we show you how to automate the entire system using free software tools.

Do I have to make cold calls or knock on doors to do this?
No. This system uses email to turn cold leads into clients wherever you are.

What niches do the email templates target?
We include email sequences for the 4 hottest niches we’ve found to be the most profitable in our businesses. You can also modify our proven templates to focus on other niches if you want.

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