Magnetic OTO 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th – All 5 OTOs’ Links Here >>>

Magnetic OTO 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th: There is just one front end offer and five other OTOs. The 1st Magnetic OTO is Unlimited Version, the 2nd is Done For You, the 3rd Magnetic OTO is Traffic, the 4th Magnetic OTO is Reseller, the 5th Magnetic OTO is Mastermind. The product is by Dan Ashendorf, Pallab Ghosal & AL Cheeseman. All the links >>>

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All 5 Magnetic OTO Links Below

OTOs Require Front End to Work,
So Please, Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got FE!

Front End Walk Through

What Is Magnetic:
Magnetic was made to solve a big issue that most marketers have. Getting customers to know, like and trust them. Because when you don’t have that, you won’t make ANY sales. When you have a base of customers that trust you, making consistent sales online is easy as pie. We did research and figured out certain psychological triggers that increase conversions and build trust. Which lead to the creation of the web app that we call Magnetic.

Cloud Based App: So You Can Use This On ANY Device,
100% Legal & Ethical: NO Black hat Or Sketchy Techniques Involved,
​Variety Of Features: Magnetic Contains Over 12 Conversion Boosting Tweaks,
​Works In Any Niche,
100% Newbie Friendly: No Previous Experience Is Required, You Can Still Be A Complete Newbie & See Results,
​Step-By-Step Training: At NO Extra Cost So There’s No Barrier To Boosting Your Conversions Right Away,
​No Coding Skills Required: Magnetic Does The Work For You.

Explode Your Sales & Conversions With Magnetic in 3 Simple Steps:
Step 1 – Create a New Campaign: Enter any campaign name and your domain name,
Step 2 – Select Conversion Boosters: Select what conversion booster you want. There’s a lot to choose from, we created 12 different conversion boosters that are PROVEN to generate more sales,
Step 3 – Publish: Magnetic will generate some code for you to place on your website.

Magnetic inserts these simple conversion boosting features into your website via a simple embed code. Such as:
Informational stats – eg Limited sale until (time),
CTAs and Opt-Ins,
Notifications of how many people purchased the product,
Social Sharing,
Random Reviews,
Score Feedback,
Live Counters,
Promotional CTA videos,
Conversion prompts – eg (name) just signed up,
Emoji Feedbacks,
Cookie Notifications,
Comments Feedback.

See Why Magnetic Is A Huge Game Changer:
I want you to understand the big potential that Magnetic has for people just like you.
Anyone can see results with Magnetic, regardless of previous experience,
Magnetic solves the biggest problem that internet marketers face, which is gaining customers trust,
​Magnetic allows you to turn a tiny trickle of traffic into huge profits,
No technical skills are required – all of the tech mumbo jumbo is done for you, behind the scenes,
You can get setup in just three clicks.

What you’re getting today:
Step-By-Step Training: At NO Extra Cost So There’s No Barrier To Generating Traffic Right Away ($97 Value),
Magnetic Conversion Boosting App: And It’s Cloud Based So It Works On Mac Windows ($297 Value),
Live-Training ($497 Value),
Social Niche Marketing Mastery ($97 Value),
Keyword Magician ($147 Value),
Instant Content Creator ($147 Value),
​Quality Support Team – Have Any Questions? Our Team Is Happy To Help! (Priceless).

Funnel Details:
OTO 1 – Unlimited Details:
Put notifications on any page of choice or all of website,
Display duration and position,
Customize all colors,
Count data from X amount of time,
Statistics and click through count,
Customize descriptions,
display on small screens,
Display notification once per visitor,
Trigger notification by,
Exit intent,
Scroll percentage.

OTO 2 – DFY Details:
Skip the trial and error using our done for you materials, so you can start seeing results with the traffic you generate with Magnetic.
Guaranteed approvals,
Thumbnails for offers,
Images for offers,
Lead capture page,
Bonus pages,
Bonus DL pages.

OTO 3 – Traffic Details:
For the next 12 months you will have the opportunity to add your pixel to our sales pages so that you can re-target the visitors.

OTO 4 – Reseller Details:
Sell Magnetic as our own product and keep 100% of the profit, while using all of our sales materials and support team. There’s nothing to upload or host, we do it all for you.

OTO 5 – Group Coaching Details:
Group coaching mastermind – be a part of a group of like-minded people being coached by Dan Ashendorf, a guy who’s generated over 7 figures online. This is a HUGE discount considering he charges thousands for a short one on one session.

What others are telling about Magnetic:
“I always wanted to use conversion tools as a means of selling affiliate products. The problem was – which ones work? Magnetic is easy to use with an intuitive dashboard and it has increased sales for me. I love it.”
“Converting your traffic is easy if you know what to do. However it can be very time consuming, which is why having an app such as Magnetic is really useful. I’ve used the Beta version for a few weeks and I’m loving it. My conversions have soared. Five stars.”
“Magnetic is really intuitive and it automatically does everything required to increase your conversions. A simple but truly effective concept, expertly executed in one easy to use app. Just what I needed.”
“I love simple to implement systems. Magnetic is not just effective, but it’s also incredibly good value. I have used similar methods myself and let me tell you, because it brings so many triggers in one, it blows everything else out of the water. Highly recommended.”

“I just finished testing Magnetic and I have to say – it’s amazing. I had almost given up on trying to increase my conversions, but now I’m back! Magnetic makes it so easy, and more importantly for me – so quick.”
“Magnetic is a simple to use but effective app that will get you results. Don’t waste your valuable time trying to figure out how to increase conversions.. The sooner you start to use Magnetic, the faster those conversions will rise all by themselves.”

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