My Super Affiliate Builder OTO 1, 2, 3 – All OTOs’ Links Here >>>

My Super Affiliate Builder OTO 1, 2, 3: There are three front end options and three OTOs aka One Time Offers. The 1st My Super Affiliate Builder OTO is Commissions Toolkit, the 2nd is Campaign of the Month, the 3rd My Super Affiliate Builder OTO is Pro Engineer Service. There is a Down Sell. The product is by Andrew Fox and Chris Fox. All the links >>>

my super affiliate builder oto

All 3 My Super Affiliate Builder OTO Links Below

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO From Below,
Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End:
=>> My Super Affiliate Builder

OTO 1 (Commissions Toolkit):
=>> My Super Affiliate Builder OTO 1

OTO 2 (Campaign of the Month):
=>> My Super Affiliate Builder OTO 2

OTO 3 (Pro Engineer Service):
=>> My Super Affiliate Builder OTO 3

Front End Walk Through

Full custom header & footer. Adjust exactly how you want it,
High converting templates. We give you ready made templates to kick start you,
Create your own. Save your best template to your own dashboard to use over and over again,
Auto Clone Feature. Simply click a button once and your high converting template will duplicate,
Full Customizable Question Module. Includes images with questions, do true or falst engaging questions and much more,
Intelli Funnels Visualizer. Maps the flow of your survey funnel,
Intelli Results Thank You Page. Use custom redirect URLs, different pages depending on how clients answers and much more,
Auto Segment. Leads automatically go into separate lists depending on their answers – massively boosts conversions,
Mail Service Auto Integrations. Aweber, Active Campaign, Get Response & Mail Chimp,
Zapier Integration. Leads automatically go into seperate lists depending on their answers – massively boosts conversions,
Single Survey Funnel. Can build one survey funnel,
Unlimited Survey Funnels. Can build unlimited survey funnels,
Commercial Rights. Build survey funnels for clients with our commercial level,
Domains. Maximum number of domains,
No Branding. No “Powered by my Super Affiliate Quiz” logo on each page.

How My Super Affiliate Builder Works – Easy 3 Step Process. Keeps Your Account Open, Ultra Low Cost per Clicks and Hyper Engagement:
Step 1 – Copy Our Winning Quiz Funnels: Build Your Super Affiliate Friendly Page In Hot Converting Niche Using Our ‘Drag N Drop’ Tool,
Step 2 – Get Traffic – $0.02 Clicks: Use the Proven Winning Ads We Supply To get ultra cheap high quality clicks,
Step 3 – Amazing Conversions: Automatically Segment your leads into high Converting specific email sequences.

Here’s Why Super Affiliate Quizzes Are The Secret Weapon You Have Been Missing:
Keeps your account open: Big advertisers LOVE engaging fun quizzes and reward you with more engagement on your ads, super cheap cost per clicks and highly targeted traffic,
Super Cheap Targeted $0.02 Cent Traffic: Ultra high engagement using Super Affiliate quizzes results in super cheap clicks,
Hyper Conversions – 2701% ROI: Depending on how the visitors answer your questions gives them the PERFECT offer they want to see.

My Super Affiliate Builder – Works IN EVERY Market Out There. Just a few examples below built with OUR Super Affiliate Builder Software:
Super Affiliate Marketing Quiz:
Nuclear Affiliate – Why we include this question in our quiz to instantly boost conversions 247%,
Interactive Affiliate – a NEW way of marketing to get your prospect to tell you their type (beginner to expert) and give them what they want,
Build Massive Trust – When your prospect sees you care by giving them what they ask for instead of getting “blanket emailing” them like 99% of the market do, trust levels in you will soar.

Fitness Generation Quiz:
Find Your PERFECT Client – Within 4 steps find out your prospects age, dependents body shape much more,
Body Type – By discovering your clients body type you can instantly tailor the plan to them and automatically send them to the right package,
Target Goals – Are they looking to pack muscle on or shred body fat? Now you can discover within seconds.

Local Lead Generation Quiz:
Local Marketing Ninja – Generate Red Hot qualified prospects using this winning quiz in any offline local market,
Ultimate Attraction Marketing – Imagine prospects tell you exactly how much money they have and what they want to spend money on,
Sell Themselves- Using this proven Local Quiz prospects automatically convince themselves to invest in your service.

Product Promo Funnel Quiz:
5 Question Mastery – Within 90 seconds of using this ‘5 part quiz’ you will be able to weed out the tire kickers from the serious punters who spend $5,000+,
Ultimate Profits – the one question that will tell you when a prospect is willing to invest 5 figures with you,
Hyper Conversion – The thank you landing page we use that makes prospects virtually bang your door down to ensure they get in.

Azon Magic – Selling on Amazon? This is a must use survey to help give your prospects what they want,
eCom 212% Converter – Why this proven template converts more eCom products than any other,
Re Direct Fire Power – Deliver your prospect the exact product and even size/quantity they want based on their answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Integrate With?
Awesome news. We plug into Zapier which allows you to integrated with 1000’s of other platforms. This helps you build out HYPER targeted lists and audience from your Quiz funnels.

Does It Work With Ads?
Yes, it is a perfect funnel to run ads through. Not only that you can build out custom audiences based on the options someone picks through the quiz. Yes, you heard right, you can build audiences based on every answer they give to deliver the EXACT product that matches your prospect need.

Can I use it with my auto responder?
Yes we directly integrate with Aweber, Active Campaign , Get Response & Mail Chimp. If you using a different auto responder you can simply ‘1 click’ export your data and import to any other mailing service you want.

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