PointRank 2.0 OTO 1, 2, 3 – All THREE OTOs’ Links Here >>>

PointRank 2.0 OTO 1, 2, 3: There are lite and elite options as front end and three other OTOs. The 1st PointRank 2.0 OTO is Pro Version, the 2nd is Local Version, the 3rd is Agency Starter & Ultimate Version. There are some other PointRank 2.0 OTO Down Sells. The product is by Tom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah and Yogesh Agarwal. All the links >>>

pointrank 2.0 oto

All 3 PointRank 2.0 OTO Links Below

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End:
=>> PointRank 2.0

OTO 1 (Pro Version):
=>> PointRank 2.0 OTO 1

OTO 2 (Local Version):
=>> PointRank 2.0 OTO 2

OTO 3 (Agency License):
=>> PointRank 2.0 OTO 3

Front End Walk Through

Everything You Need Is Inside The Software, No Outsourcing, No Additional Hidden Mandatory Purchases Or Fees,
​Limited Time Only – Get A Commercial License & Provide A Service That Businesses Pay $500+ For,
​Push Rankings Technology For Long Term Rankings (Sticky Rankings),
​All in One Platform To Generate, Optimize & Rank Videos In Minutes,
​100% Free Traffic From Google & YouTube,
​Finally Tap Into The Massive Potential Of SEO Without Actually Knowing SEO.

PointRank 2.0 Has It’s Engine Built Based On Our L.G.R.L Formula = The 4 Step Formula To Our Success:
Step 1 – Leverage Million Dollar Videos: Leverage Million dollar videos, the SEO titles, descriptions and tags that MILLION dollar videos use to RANK. This step is all about LEVERAGE. We learned that instead of guessing and working hard, spending on time on research is a far better time spent. But it sucks butts, so the software grabs it for you. In a few seconds, it will take EXACTLY what makes those big super ranking videos that make as much as millions per months, reverse engineer the SEO elements that make it rank, and Grab it for YOUR OWN VIDEO. This is DROP DEAD simple and AMAZINGLY effective. This is NOT the engine to boost your rankings, but it is the foundation of which without it you cannot rank at all And with it, you will KILL it,
Step 2 – Generate a Video: Generate a video of your own in 1 second, to rank! In your niche. This step is the best step. We like unique videos and so does google (and YouTube) But creating a fancy shmancy video is pointless if all you want is ranking and traffic, And creating a super simple video that gets the JOB DONE is exactly what you need. And this software will generate that for you IN SECONDS. And yes, you can go deeper, and edit with more depth and add extra elements, but you don’t need to, if all you seek is TRAFFIC,
Step 3 – Rank the Video: Rank the video using an automated live event submission without actually going live and do it to multiple videos at once. This is the ENGINE that drives your traffic in the first place, and pushes everything upwards quickly. It is NO secret that live events are popular, and it’s because they WORK. Youtube and Google promote live videos over standard videos and rankings are usually higher. But there are a few issues. Issue #1 – You need to go live without being live or else it’s a waste of time and difficult. Issue #2 – Even as you go live, you need to make sure everything is fine without you being present. Well, this step does it for you and gets you insane rankings in minutes. But that’s not the best part,
Step 4 – Long Term Rankings: Long Term Rankings with sticky technology that ranks the video again and again by going live again and again in a proven manner. This is by far the part you’ve been looking for because it kills two birds with one stone and gives you amazing automation, and this is the feature no one else has. So now that your video is live and gets rankings, it’s only a matter of time until it falls back down, and if it’s not persistent enough, you won’t rank for hard keywords as well. This is why – our tech will keep bumping your live video on page #1, and so you ALWAYS get long term rankings. Months years even. And this also becomes persistent enough so you rank for harder keywords.

The Truth is Getting Traffic and Rankings in 2020 is a Night Mare and Here’s Why:
(Hard Work & Expensive) You Need To Build Thousands Of High Quality Back links Or Spend $500+ On A Software,
​(Lots of Research) Good Keywords Are Super Tough To Rank For Without Experience So You Need To Spend Hours Finding A PERFECT Keyword,
(Lots of Waiting) You Need To Watch Your Rankings Slowly Creep Up (Or Down) Without Control Over Them,
(Hidden Costs) Even If You Do Manage To Find A Software That Ranks For You, There Are ALWAYS Hidden Costs,
(Short Term Rankings) Even If You MANAGE To Rank, Google Or Youtube Can Tear You Apart Overnight With An Algo Change, OR Just A Change Of Robot Heart.

It’s Time For a Fresh Solution That Works Fast and Long Term. With our system that we turned into a software, we take what works, and make it easy and accessible:
No Manual Complicated Work because the software does everything you would otherwise need to do manually,
Results In Minutes thanks to the Live Event Technology,
No Hidden Expenses Or Paid Traffic thanks to a brilliant innovative method to rank,
Long Term Rankings For Long Term Traffic thanks to Sticky Live Event Technology,
No Video Creation, Use Our Built In Video Generator,
No Backlinks because you simply DON’T Need them to Rank,
No Research – Use Existing Keywords & Other SEO Elements That Are ALREADY Ranking! With AN Edge.

I want you to understand WHY you need this and WHY it can change your life:
Anyone can do this and get fantastic results,
SEO Is an easy way to get free targeted traffic if you know what you’re doing, and this software knows what it’s doing,
​$0 budget, no ads, no back links, hidden costs, video creation or SEO experience. Start as you are right now,
​No technical skills required at all, everything is explained so clearly in the modules so that you can get started as quickly as possible,
Unlimited potential, how many visitors is your niche getting on google and YouTube? Millions probably, at the very least. This can be YOURS.

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