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Quizitri OTO 1st & 2nd: There are 2 FE Options and 2 OTOs. The 1st is Extra Templates Pack & the 2nd OTO is Pro Version. All the information and Links Here >>>>>

quizitri oto

All the Quizitri OTO Links Below

Front End (Personal / Commercial License):
=>> Quizitri

OTO 1 (Templates Pack):
=>> Quizitri OTO 1

OTO 2 (Q-Tech):
=>> Quizitri OTO 2


Whatever Kind Of Quiz You Need, You Can Build It With Quizitri:
Quizzes For More Traffic: Personality Quizzes, Viral Quizzes, Content Quizzes.
Quizzes For More Leads: Trivia Quizzes, Lead Segmentation Quizzes, Opt-in Quizzes.
Quizzes For More Sales: Sales Quizzes, Affiliate Quizzes, Pass/Fail Quizzes, Consultancy Quizzes.
Quizzes For More Clients: Client Quizzes.

Just imagine what a quiz can do in your sales funnel:
Imagine a realtor driving prospects to a quiz,
Imagine an e-com store owner,
Imagine you’re an information marketer breaking into a new niche.

Transform traffic into leads, and leads into highly-targeted lifetime customers with Quizitri in 4 easy steps:
The First Click: A visitor sees your Quiz, their curiosity gets the better of them, and they take the first click,
The Easy Opt-In: Your visitor becomes a subscriber by entering their e-mail address to get their results,
The Fast Sale: Your new lead becomes a customer being redirected to a product or service that’s a perfect for them,
The Customer For Life: All your leads and customers are automatically segmented based on their quiz responses so you can continue to sell the right stuff to the right people over time.

Check Out Everything You Get For Your One-Time Price:
Logic Jumps, Easy List Segmentation, Social Sharing, Auto-Redirects, Image Answers, Embedded Inline HTML Quizitris, UNLIMITED Quizzes And Leads, GDPR Compliant, Mobile responsiveness, Hosted Quizzes, One-click Auto-Responder integration.

One Click API Integration For All Your Favorite Software:
Mail Chimp, Get Response, Aweber, Active Campaign, Send Lane, Convert Kit, Drip.

Personal License: Create and use unlimited Quizitris on your personal sites, Quiz Branching for better leads. Auto-Tagging, segmentation, and custom redirects for better sales, Image questions, CTAs, and social shares for better traffic, And much, much, more, 30-day money back guarantee, Excellent Customer Support.
Commercial License: All the Personal License Features PLUS The license to sell unlimited quizzes to clients for any price you like, The ability to remove the Quizitri logo from your quizzes to protect your secret weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell quizzes to clients?
Sure can. With the Commercial License you can sell quizzes for whatever price you choose.

How many quizzes can I have?
As many as you want. It’s unlimited, on every license.

Can I redirect quiz takers to my own pages?
Sure! In fact, we recommend it. This way, you can redirect people to your blog, website, or your own optin page.

This Quizitri OTO Post URL is https://oto.mrbookmarks.com/quizitri/

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