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Real Specific OTO 1 & 2: There is just one Front End Offer with two different One Time Offers. The 1st Real Specific OTO is 5X PRO And SEO Upgrade, the 2nd and last OTO is Traffic Training. Please find all the information and also all the Links Here >>>

Real Specific OTO

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Front End:
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OTO 1 (5X PRO And SEO Upgrade):
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OTO 2 (Traffic Training):
=>> Real Specific OTO 2


Skyrockets your social media Like and Share engagement,
Fully automated viral content posting,
Immediately solve your content writing headaches for your WordPress sites AND Social media accounts,
Supports any niche.

Proven Technology And Take Your Online Marketing Game To The Next Level:
Only took 15 minutes to set up,
One of my sites – over 400 visitors a day,
$160 in sales for free from the new traffic.

This “secret” recipe is:
DISCOVER: Find the top viral and niche content from both popular sites AND niche sites,
PUBLISH: Post to your blogs and social media accounts,
TRAFFIC: Fresh and topical content gets increased traffic, engagement and sales.

When you can save yourself hours each week writing content and playing Russian Roulette with your posts, hoping people engage with it,
When you get autopilot traffic and engagement, even while you sleep,
When you find trending content to post, allowing you to be perceived as “on top of things” thought leader by posting content as it’s going viral,
When you monetize your new streams of traffic.

Real Specific is loaded with features to get you time, traffic and money:
Total Marketing Automation, Instant Results, Detailed Training, Laser Focused Curation, Detailed Reporting, Amazing Support, Customizable Niche Content, Super Easy to use, Viral Autopilot, Your All-in-One Dashboard, Easy to Understand Reports, SEO Benefits, Constant Monitoring, Calendar Scheduling, Instant Results.

MASSIVE Sources of Content:
WordPress Blogs, YouTube Channels & Playlists, Any Valid RSS Feed URL, Any Facebook Page, Vimeo User Account Feeds and Channel URLs, Pinterest Boards and Account Pages, Feed-burner Feeds.

What you will get:
Post to 10 web sites
Post to 50 social accounts
5 custom feeds for niche content
WP Bounce Rate Fixer (Value: $37)
Custom Branded URL (Value: $7/month)
3 Viral WordPress Themes (Value: $37 each)
3 Fast Action Bonuses (Value: $464)

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