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Smart Animation Pro OTO 1, 2: There is a front end offer and two other OTOs aka One Time Offers. The 1st Smart Animation Pro OTO is Deluxe Mega Pack PLUS Developer License, there is a Smart Animation Pro OTO Down Sells, the 2nd Smart Animation Pro OTO is Unlimited VidInstant Library Assets. The product is by Arif Chandra. All the links >>>

smart animation pro oto

Both Smart Animation Pro OTO Links Below

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End (Pro):
=>> Smart Animation Pro

OTO 1 (Deluxe Mega Pack + Developer license):
=>> Smart Animation Pro OTO 1
=>> Smart Animation Pro OTO 1 Down Sell

OTO 2 (Unlimited Vidinstant Library Assets):
=>> Smart Animation Pro OTO 2

Front End Details

What is Smart Animation PRO:
The one-stop D.I.Y solution that comes fully loaded with all the tools you need to create a professional animation pitch deck with stunning graphics that will help sell your products and services like no other. Smart Animation Pro comes fully loaded with all the tools you need to Optimizes the quality of video animation, explainer videos, and much more. Over 1000+ dynamic seamless animation & templates for any video projects using only PowerPoint. A smart Animation template is suitable for a broad range of videos. Our templates are appropriate for Digital Advertisers, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Visual Content, and Agencies.

Superb breakthrough on video animation creation, easy-to-use yet works like magic,
1000+ HUGE variety of Ready-To-Go Slide templates & Character perfectly to present your Business, Products, or Brand,
20+ Supercharged modules with tons of elements, slideshow, layouts infographics, testimonial, explainer character, and many more great features,
Suitable for digital advertisers, entrepreneurs, marketers, visual content creators, agencies and more,
Easy to use & customize,
Easy & Flawless Color Change,
Save Countless Hours from designing your own videos.

You can easily create videos with a personal touch for:
Social Media Ads & Offers, Blogs, Shopify Offers, Product Launch Promos, Local Business, Online Coaching, Personal Branding, Portfolio Presentations, Landing Pages, YouTube Channels, E-commerce Support, Offline Presentations, Crowd-funding Campaigns And much more. The sky is the limit.

Do you WANT to create sophisticated videos WITH a personal touch?,
​Are you FED UP with paying high prices for short videos?,
​TIRED of spending too much time trying to make sophisticated videos that still lack a personal touch?,
​Hoping to increase your BUSINESS CONVERSIONS?,
​PRAYING for video templates that lets you to add your personal character?.
Then Your Prays Are Answered:
With our miraculous smart animation templates 1.0, you can easily create your own videos with a personal touches. Yes, You.
All by yourself. DIY marketing ads, company portfolios, Identities, Social Media Marketing, Promotion Videos, Product Stories, Travel Journeys and Much More.
In Just 3 Simple Click.

How will a high quality design boost your business?:
80% of MARKETING GURUS believe that visual assets (photos, videos, illustrations, etc.) are ESSENTIAL when it comes to promotional activities: A high-quality VIDEO is one of most powerful tools for BOOSTING your business conversions. Moreover, when you add a personal touch to your video, you can build trust with your customers. A superb video with a PERSONAL TOUCH will definitely BOOST your sales and INCREASE conversions way BETTER than a random video that uses the same person again and again,
85% of marketers understand the use of personal stories behind products, and they know that video ads attract more customers and drive them to purchase: People want to buy products with impact, with inspiring stories, with great ideas and lots of love behind their production. Thus, it’s important, especially for A START UPS, to tell stories via eye catching video. Telling the stories behind your products empowers your brand, sets your market segments, and connect with your customers emotionally, which drives them to purchase your product, thus increasing your sales conversions,
90% of Strategic Marketing experts say that being a brand ambassador of YOUR OWN products will help people remember your products: People tend to make associations. When you become the brand ambassador of your own product, people will associate your product with you. This association will help you to sell your product because once the customers trust you, they will likely also trust your products. And, if they trust your products, they will be your loyal customers. Plus, being a brand ambassador of YOUR OWN PRODUCT will cut your costs because you won’t need to hire models, celebrities, or public figures who probably don’t really care about your product as much as you do anyway.

Here’s What You Get:
1000+ Unique Slide & Character In 20+ Pre-made Template Categories:
16+ Character Style,
720+ Animated Character: Formar, .svg, .swf, .mov, .gif, .png,
10+ Logo Opener: Attract and engage your viewers with all of those eye-catching logo openers. Get the attention of your audience instantly and increase your traffic,
16+ Single Character: You can easily pick of our persuasive Slide templates and use it to create a promotional video, an explainer video, or any marketing video you like.
10+ Group Character: Insert these Slideshow templates to increase engagement with your video. They make your video look much more informative and professional,
10+ Screen & Device Kit, 10+ Animated Background, 10+ Title Animation, 10+ Place Holder, 10+ Testimonials, 10+ Contact Us, 10+ Point & to do list, 10+ Infographic, 20+ Social Media Icons, 10+ Video Holder, 10+ Timeline & Phase, 10+ Icon Element, 10+ Money Finance, 10+ Weather Forecast, 10+ Landmark, 12+ World Map, 20+ Transitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit it? and How’s about compatibility?
You can use M.S PowerPoint to edit the templates. You will need M.S PowerPoint 2016 and above to customize these video templates. Smart Animation 1.0 won’t work with keynote, this is just work with PowerPoint, if you’re using office 2010 it still works, open but some effect and layout will not working perfectly.

How do I download it?
After payment done, you’ll be get email with the login instruction will automatically sent to your email, please check your email for the login instruction on how to access your products.

What is my license?
[YES] Unlimited web projects,
[YES] Unlimited video projects,
[YES] Unlimited domains you own,

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