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Smarty Builder OTO 1st, 2nd, 3rd: There is a front end option with an upgrade and three other OTOs. The 1st Smarty Builder OTO is Smart Profit Funnels, the 2nd Smarty Builder OTO is 100x Profit Accelerator, the 3rd Smarty Builder OTO is $300 a day system. There are some other Smarty Builder OTO Down Sells. The product is by Paul Okeeffe, Richard Fairbairn, Steve Harvey. All the links >>>

smarty builder oto

All 3 Smarty Builder OTO Links Below

OTOs Don't Work If You Don't Have Front End,
Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End Details

Set Up ONCE, Get Paid Over & Over,
No Monthly Fees or Expenses,
Perfect And Made Easy For Beginners,
ALL-INCLUSIVE solution with NO monthly costs or extra tools needed,
PANDEMIC-PROOF business that’s keeps on growing.

You’re Just 3-Steps Away From Your New Passive Income with Smarty Builder:
Step 1: Use the SMART Technology to setup your new eCom site (Completely beginner-friendly),
Step 2: Activate one of our free buyer-traffic options (Just a few clicks),
Step 3: Chill-out and watch the sales roll in.

Copy Our Exact Business Model Where We Make Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Each Month Using Other People’s Digital Products:
Create NOTHING Yourself. If You Can Spare 10 Minutes Per Day Then You Already Have The Potential To Start This. Lucrative eCom Biz From Home. Earn Repeat Commissions From Other People’s Digital Products That You Didn’t Create.

If You Want Fast Profits Just Be Where The Money Is:
After investigating, we found all these people had two things in common. Firstly, they took advantage of a change in the market. Right now is the PERFECT time to open an eCom store. The pandemic has made us all bored, restless and unable to go outside shopping. Thus people are using their wallets online more than ever before. They didn’t see the pandemic as an excuse, they saw the huge shift online and got in early to unlock a MASSIVE opportunity. They became eCom business owners. Imagine if you had joined the Instagram train in 2004? Or Facebook before it? The money right now is in eCom. And that’s a fact. Secondly, as beginners they utilized technology to their advantage. Otherwise it would be impossible to complete with the Amazons of the world. As beginners they had no tech experience, absolutely zero idea about ads and laughable bad design skills. What they needed was the assistance of some seriously good software apps. Lots of them actually. Tools that helped them fill in the gaps with their development, design, maintenance and of course the one thing every marketer needs more of – traffic.

Wouldn’t Smarty Builder Be Great To Replicate These Results, Without Having To Spend A Ton Of Money On Apps and Ads:
The problem with current eCom technology is that it takes,
Lots of tech and design skills,
Massive up-front costs,
Too many plugins and add-ons just to make your business work,
And we’ve not even mentioned that they take a cut of every sale.

We Wanted To Have The Same Power As The Experienced eComm Marketers, All Inside One Dashboard. More specifically – the following three KEY features:
To easily create any kind of eCom site without the complications: One of the biggest hurdles for beginners is technical setup. We needed to be able to create high-converting eCom sites in any niche quickly and easily without any hassle,
We wanted to be able to take instant payments inside the app directly from Stripe and PayPal: By doing this, we could cut out the middleman and make sure that all our profits are coming back to us. Common platforms take a huge cut of every sale made as well as monthly fees. We say goodbye to lost earnings,
A reliable free-traffic source to eliminate the use of paid ads: Ads are not beginner-friendly, and who wants to invest a ton of money into learning something that isn’t guaranteed to work? We wanted a free and reliable traffic source to call upon to get eyeballs onto our sites. Nobody is going to pull out their credit cards and BUY if your site isn’t SEEN. So we got to work. Putting together a groundbreaking software platform that was not only easy to use – but also delivered great results.

Watch it In Action Here:
Thanks to it the barrier for entry to having your own wildly profitable eCom business has never been lower,
No Technical Skills Or Design Experience Needed To Launch Your eCom Site Right Now,
You don’t need to setup any hosting because we securely host your eCom Site for you,
There are no complicated add-ons or plugins to mess with because everything is done by the SMART technology automatically,
Avoid expensive paid ads by using our free buyer traffic add-on so that you can flood your eCom site with real interested buyers,
Just login, set-up your site, and add your PayPal or Stripe ID so that you can receive payments without paying fees to middlemen platforms. We will show you how to do this easily.

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Launch Your Own eCom Store:
Covid-19 has forced people to stay inside. Yet as a marketer that presents a golden opportunity. More people are staying home and taking their wallets online. This is resulting in a massive explosion of growth. In the US alone eCom is expected to hit almost $6 Trillion in 2021 and beyond. Simply put there has NEVER been a period in history where it has been so easy to make big profits online. With so much job uncertainty and waves of unemployment, it’s no longer wise to depend solely on your day-job income. Having your own online business is vital to yours and your family’s future. Imagine what an extra $300 a day would do for you?.

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