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SociLead Messenger OTO

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SociLead Messenger Front End Offer => View it Here >>>
SociLead Messenger OTO 1 => View it Here >>>
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OTO 2 => View it Here >>>
OTO 3 => View it Here >>>
OTO 4 => View it Here >>>
OTO 5 => View it Here >>>

SociLead Messenger DEMO

World’s Most Complete FB Messenger Marketing Tool that combines Fb Auto Reply, List Building ,Comment & Interactive Technology, for MASSIVE Engagement, Traffic, And Sales

Facebook recently announced new customer acquisition plugin into closed beta, which can allow your website visitors to chat directly with you (Facebook page) inside your website, leveraging Facebook Messenger Platform.

SociLead Messenger is a software developed using this latest feature to outrun any other chat plugin running in the market.

It allows your website visitors to instantly send and receive message inside your website, while previous Facebook chat plugins only allows to initiate chat by visitors.


You don’t even need to go back the website to continue conversation with your visitors and your visitors don’t need to go to Facebook to receive reply anymore.

You could easily converse with customers to talk directly with businesses on your websites & continue those conversations across web, mobile & tablet devices.

That’s not all

While working on this project, we thought about what else we could add that could not just increase the value of this software, but also help your customers ACQUIRE new clients, and MAKE more money!

And that’s why we’ve decided to add in…

Auto comment reply and private reply Feature
You’ll agree with me that we all are busy and do not have time to reply thousands of comments of our Facebook pages, but it is very important to reply them to maintain our business fame and client satisfaction! Also this a very effective way to convert prospects in to clients. If you do not reply people comments/queries/suggestion they will think you do care about them and some little replies can make them happy.
We’ve added in the Auto-comment and reply feature in SociLead Messenger to solve all these problems
Which means, when you post something you already know what type of question people may ask.
So you can set comment reply and private reply for a post by simple mentioning some keywords and the replies for the keywords. Whenever people comment on your post they get comment reply within seconds.
Also you can send them private reply in their inbox if you have something special to say 😉
Set your robot to grab new clients and keep them satisfied and let them know how much you care. Note that, whenever you send people a private reply,
They become your messenger lead!

Auto Comment Reply with Tagging the Commenter
You can also tag commenters name in the comment section (NOTE: Taggging people is the latest, new approach of marketing) mentioning comments name in reply will make it more personalize and notification will be sent to commenter.

Image/GIF/Video Comment Reply
That’s not all..
We’ve gone the extra-mile to add in the ‘’IMAGE, GIF, Video comment reply Feature that enables you send image/GIF/video in your comment reply to make it more attractive & interactive.
In this age and time, people does not like to read when the text is large but if it is an image/GIF/video you can convey thousands words within seconds and they will not bored as well 😉
Imagine someone just commented to see a demo video and system is automatically replying him the video!
It’s that easy! And with SociLead Messenger, you can do this and much more!

Hide/Delete Page Comment
Do you know how much customer of yours are being stolen by your competitors?
Your competitor always looking on your page and actively they are sending private message who commenting on your page. Hide comments after giving reply that nobody can see the comment and prevent stealing your customers.
This is where SociLead Messenger comes in. Socilead messenger allows you to hide/delete comment to prevent stealing your customer and delete unwanted comment from Facebook page post.

CTA Poster
Call-to-Action, kind of link poster, powerful tool to collect messenger lead and motivate your Facebook visitor to send you a message!
Your CTA post will have a “send message” button and clicking the button will open window for start chatting.

“Message Us” Button Generator
This will allow you to create an image button. Simply put the button embed code inside your website and by clicking this your website visitors can chat you using Facebook messenger. This can be very helpful widget to increase your Facebook messenger lead.
And finally… the BIG ONE!

Bulk Message Sending to Your Facebook Messenger Leads
So far you have generated your Facebook leads and now it is time to use the lead list as effective marketing machine. It’s a revolutionary, world’s very first, most powerful and complete Facebook messenger marketing tools that can send bulk message to your messenger leads.
Digital marketing is ALWAYS changing. Are you tired of not getting result of email marketing? Email marketing is dying, it’s becoming harder day by day. Now it’s era of Facebook marketing.
Now, with SociLead messenger plugin you can send bulk message to your Messenger leads with almost 100% open & delivery rate. 500 Facebook Messenger leads is more valuable than 10000 email leads.
You can also:
Sync. Page’s Messenger Leads (Auto Sync Available)
Lead Grouping
Send Bulk Message to Leads
Multi-page Bulk Message Campaign
Multi-group Bulk Message Campaign
Custom Bulk Message Campaign
Full Report of Campaign (Delivery/Unsuccessful)
And so much MORE!!

Here are the Links Again of SociLead Messenger:

Front End Offer => View it Here >>>
OTO 1 => View it Here >>>
SociLead Messenger DownSell => View it Here >>>
OTO 2 => View it Here >>>
OTO 3 => View it Here >>>
OTO 4 => View it Here >>>
OTO 5 => View it Here >>>

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