VidElligence 2.0 Launched on June 10, 2018

VidElligence 2.0 Launched on June 10, 2018

So what’s VidElligence 2.0 all about?

Simply, VidElligence 2.0 is the easiest and fastest way for anyone to actually PROFIT from the power of video marketing.

Yes, there are plenty of video creation softwares on the market – designed to make simple videos. VidElligence is designed to make MONEY.

There are plenty of great softwares that let people make videos. VidElligence is different: it leverages fully-automated video ads to maximize traffic, conversions and profits.

The cloud-based app uses artificial intelligence to combines the raw conversion power of BOTH video traffic AND social media advertising in a way that’s NEVER been done before.

Users can fully automate the creation of top converting video ads for ANY eCom product in literally one click. By simply entering an eCom store product URL, OR by using included templates that are 100% customizable.

Now anyone – even with zero video creation experience, can maximize ROI using the best converting and lowest cost type of online advertising.

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