VideoFlow OTO 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th – All FOUR OTOs’ Links >>>

VideoFlow OTO 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th: There are two front end options and four other OTOs. The 1st VideoFlow OTO is Professional Version, the 2nd is Collaborate, the 3rd VideoFlow OTO is Agency License, the 4th is Reseller License. There are no other Down Sells. The product is by Sam Bakker and Karthik Ramani. All the links >>>

videoflow oto

All 4 VideoFlow OTO Links Below

OTOs Don't Work If You Don't Have Front End,
Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End (Commercial):
=>> VideoFlow

OTO 1 (Professional):
=>> VideoFlow OTO 1

OTO 2 (Collaborate By VideoFlow):
=>> VideoFlow OTO 2

OTO 3 (Agency License):
=>> VideoFlow OTO 3

OTO 4 (Reseller License):
=>> VideoFlow OTO 4

Front End Walk Through

What is VideoFlow:
It is a web-based software that allows its users to import videos from their smartphone, tablet or video device. Then edit & create a high-quality 4k video.

Burn captions into videos,
Add video wrappers,
Record Screen & Webcam,
Animated logos, intros & outros,
Client Project management system,
Project collaboration & review system,
Animated text over top your videos,
Scene transitions,
Animated Emojis,
4k Rendering,
And much much more.
All for a one time fee including commercial rights so that your customers can profit selling videos they create to businesses. This software is packed with a wide range of other incredible features making it a ‘No-Brainer’ for your subscribers.

Social media ready videos in 3 easy steps using VideoFlow:
Step 1 – Select: Select the size you want. You can create videos quickly and easily for ‘Video Ads’, Stories or Video Updates,
Step 2 – Customize: Use our sleek, easy to navigate video editing system to add your effects, burn captions to your videos and quickly customize your videos enhancing both the design, look and feel,
Step 3 – Publish: Instantly publish your videos from within the software to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram in just minutes.

Loaded with the very best features for marketers & creators:
Instantly spice up your videos with transitions: Hold your viewers attention and make your videos interesting. Cut between scenes, make your videos flow and add excitement. Hold viewers attention by choosing from our wide range of amazing transitions,
Pre-Created ‘Color Optimized’ Filters: Choose from a wide range of captivating ‘movie’ like video filters. Simply navigate through our wide range of professionally designed color palettes for your video. Select the one of your choosing,
Engaging Text Effects: Choose from a wide range of animated, eye catching text effects. Simply select where you want the text to be placed then select and customize the text as you want to,
Export Up To 4k Or Instantly Publish Videos: YouTube, Facebook & Instagram combined have over 2 billion people logging in every day. Use your videos as updates to Social Media & distribute your videos instantly from Within Video Ad Maker. With VideoFlow — you can in 1 click post your videos live to these networks ready to grab visitors or as part of a social media strategy for a business.

Quick recap of everything you get when you buy VideoFlow today:
Cloud-Based Video Editor: Works on desktop, tablet & mobile devices,
Fast & Easy editing system: Quickly and easily edit your videos without fiddling,
Create ‘Watch In Silent’ videos: Automatically burn your videos with subtitles & captions,
Wrap Videos: Create attention grabbing video wrappers,
Captivating Video Transitions,
Color Optimized Filters,
Engaging Text Effects,
Agency License.

FACT: Clients demand effective videos and they want them delivered fast:
It’s 2019 – creating short, effective video ads shouldn’t be this difficult. When a business pays you, you should be able to simply create a video without the hassle of clunky, delayed timeline editors, fiddling around with all kinds of confusing settings or frustrating “free flow” editing. You should be able to create videos to sell your clients products in minutes.

Fiddle Free Creation:
You can fiddle for hours on end trying to get your videos to look good with other software. We removed the fiddling from VideoFlow so within a few clicks you can create videos that look exactly how you want them to without any fiddling.

Scale Up Video Production The Smart Way:
Why did McDonalds grow so big, so fast and completely take the market by storm?. It wasn’t because they hired the best burger artist or spent hours fretting over how to position the lettuce. It’s because they used the same formula every time AND everyone working behind the counter could do it. The burger was delivered fast and effectively using the same method every time.

Burn captions into your videos Fast:
Videos with captions or subtitles stand out in a news feed packed with viewers that scroll at hyper speed. They engage people whether the sound’s on or off. THIS IS CRITICAL: 85% of videos are watched WITHOUT sound. Literally EXPLODE your audience burning subtitles into your videos. More people absorb your entire message so they actually get to your call of action …click …and make you profits. VideoFlow uses an AI-powered learning tool that makes captions automatic and easy. Within minutes you can completely burn your entire video with accurate captions.

Fast Editing Like You’ve Never Seen It Before:
VideoFlow Creation is fast! The longer a video takes the more it eats into your agencies bottom line. You can’t afford to spend days fiddling with overly complex settings or time-consuming free flow editors (Built for Video Artists). So we crafted a new way of editing. And it’s faster than ever before. With VideoFlow it takes just minutes and a few clicks of your mouse to fully customize any of your videos, create high converting scenes and use templates to pump out videos at a rapid pace.

Wrap Your Videos & Drive Massive Click throughs:
FACT: Wrapped videos outperform unwrapped videos. Ads are about getting attention, communicating a message and stopping people in their tracks. Use VideoFlow’s ‘Wrapper’ to within seconds optimize your videos to stand out. Get people to click on your videos every time with animated Emojis, large attention grabbing fonts & arrows.

Import videos from mobile, web & desktop:
Choose videos you’ve filmed on your mobile, camera or stock footage you’ve purchased. You can import freely and easily with a couple of clicks then instantly edit your video within our easy to navigate interface. Select videos from any device.

Create & Publish Short, Traffic Getting Stories:
Choose videos you’ve filmed on your mobile, camera or stock footage you’ve purchased. You can import freely and easily with a couple of clicks then instantly edit your video within our easy to navigate interface. Select videos from any device.

Front End Options:
Personal Rights License: VideoFlow Software, Access From Anywhere, VideoFlow editor, Burn Captions onto videos, Video wrappers, Unlimited video renders, Import video footage, images & audio, Video Transitions, Color-Optimized Video Filters, Engaging Text Effects, Export Videos Up To 4k, 100+ Stock Footage Videos, 100+ Stock Footage Images, 100+ Icons, 20+ Built-in Audio Tracks, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee,
Commercial Rights License: All PERSONAL RIGHTS LICENSE PLUS Sell Videos to Businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many videos can I create within VideoFlow?
You can create an unlimited amount of videos with it. There are no limits to the amount of videos you can produce, render then export.

Are software updates included?
Yes! We are constantly working on updating the software and providing you with the latest patches. When you purchase VideoFlow updates are automatic and provided free of charge.

In what resolution can you render videos?
You can render your videos in any resolution right up to 4k. We also have standard presets such as 720p HD, 1080p Full HD, as well as social media presets for square videos and even vertical videos for mobile users.

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