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VidInc OTO 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th: There is a front end offer and four other OTOs. The 1st is Pro Version, the 2nd VidInc OTO is Expert Version, the 3rd VidInc OTO is Instant Traffic Version, the 4th VidInc OTO is Agency License. There are some other VidInc OTO Down Sells. The product is by Yogesh, Mark Bishop and Venkata Ramana. All the links >>>

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All 4 VidInc OTO Links Below

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO From Below,
Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

(Links Are Locked) Please Click Here to Open FE and Unlock All Links

Front End Walk Through

What Is VidInc:
VidInc is a cloud based software designed with FREE video traffic and ease of use at its core,
VidInc enables users to turn any page link (URL) into a quick ranking… traffic sucking video in minutes with Natural Sound, Voice-to-Text and a whole host of custom features,
Simply insert a page link into the software and get a full video created for you in minutes with a full voice over… Then instantly upload to YouTube and drive views with our link sharing element,
1000s of views in any niche… with instant videos. Swipe free google & YouTube traffic | rank on Google page #1 | drive traffic to your offers today.

Create a Video from Any URL or Website,
​Create Videos from ANY Website, Affiliate Sites, Blogs, Sales Pages, Review sites… You Name it,
​Built in Realistic Human-like Voice Over of for All Your Videos (170 languages),
Use your Own Voice or Upload your own MP3 file for audio,
Add Intro + Outros to your videos including Images, Text and Text to Voice Narration,
​Comes with Built-in Image Editor for Creating Intro/Outro Images,
​In 1-Click, Find Thousands of Royalty Free Images for use in Videos,
​Upload Videos to YouTube,
Auto Post on Social Network platforms – Traffic to video,
​Add Unlimited Social Accounts for Blowing up Your Traffic,
​Multi Lingual Interface via Google Translate,
Video spintax system: Upload Same Video Multiple Times with different titles and description,
Use your Own Voice or Upload your own MP3 file for audio​​,
​Customize Your Video Pages with Headline & CTA Buttons,
​Integrate Affiliate Links in Your YouTube Videos + Video Pages.

Amazing Affiliate Commissions Online In 5 SIMPLE STEPS:
Step 1: Choose a popular affiliate product on Clickbank. Let’s say it’s a dog training product. Go ahead and grab your affiliate link URL for that product,
Step 2: Find a great article online about a certain breed of dog that people may want to train. Just as an example, let’s choose “How to train bulldogs”,
Step 3: Copy the article URL and use VidInc to convert the article into a new video. Add in your own intro and an outro that mentions how great the Click bank product is to train bulldogs. Be sure your affiliate URL is included in the content,
Step 4: Once your video is complete, simply use VidInc to upload it directly to YouTube and also auto-publish to social media sites like Twitter with your link in the description,
Step 5: Rinse and repeat steps #1 through #4 above with the same video (use VidInc’s built in SPINTAX SYSTEM. Upload one video multiple times, but with different titles and descriptions to make them unique) OR find new pages / articles to convert to video.
That’s it! Once you’ve published several of these videos, people will begin to find them online via search engines, on YouTube or social media. And many of these people will visit your affiliate link and BUY! This means you make money.

Check Out The Exclusive Features We’ve Built Into VidInc:
Convert ANY PAGE URL (this could be links to articles, blog posts, advertorials, sales pages, etc.) into a fully formatted content video with screenshots & images – In just minutes,
Thanks to the BUILT-IN “TEXT TO VOICE” TECHNOLOGY, your videos will also be fully narrated to make them even more captivating for the viewer! Over 170 languages available.
With the help of GOOGLE TRANSLATE, you can quickly convert the entire Vid Inc interface to any language you desire! It only takes a matter of seconds and you’re all set.
Want to ADD A CUSTOM VIDEO INTRO OR OUTRO?. No problem! You can use text, video or images with the built-in text-to-voice, use an MP3 file, or record your own voice,
Enjoy SEAMLESS PIXABAY INTEGRATION to add in stunning stock images to your videos! Add them within the Intro, Outro or throughout the Main sections of your own videos,
UPLOAD VIDEOS DIRECTLY TO YOUTUBE and even auto-post to popular social media platforms like Twitter. So you can get instant traffic and make fast affiliate sales,
Maximize the leverage of your videos thanks to our EXCLUSIVE SPINTAX SYSTEM! Upload one video multiple times, but with different titles and descriptions to make them unique. And get you more and more traffic.

Funnel Details:
OTO 1 – Pro Details: Unlimited video creation, Create videos with more than 400 words, Record Your Own Audio, All Language Voices, Add Bookmark in the video, Add Logo in the Video, Add Lower-third for the video, Image Editor – Create your Own Images for Thumbnails, Option to Re-post multiple Times after every multiple Days for all Social Network Sites,
OTO 2 – Expert Details: Re-Brand Existing Videos, Enter url and it will get all related videos from (Youtube), Re-Brand Video Editor… Add Intro, Outro, Lower Third, Logo and Watermark, Search for Hot Affiliate Offers from Click bank, warrior plus and JVZoo search engine, Get Best Performing Products Biweekly – Email Alert, DFY Campaigns – Guaranteed Affiliate approval,
OTO 3 – Traffic Details: Daily Buyer Traffic – 12 Months, Quick Set-Up, Training Video Included,
OTO 4 – Agency Details: Unlimited License, Bon*us Page, Bon*uses, Templates & Training Included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any monthly charges?
No… If you purchase today you will pay one price which will grant you ongoing access to VidInc. You will not be charged again.

Do you have tutorials?
Yes we do… Inside VidInc you will find video tutorials which detail how to use the software.

Can I really make money with this?
The simple answer is yes you can… but as with anything relating to business you will have to include a little effort. You will have to use the software to make your videos & upload them so you can drive traffic to your offers. If you use the software, follow our training – apply a little effort, you will reap the rewards.

Is this another Loophole?
Absolutely not… we have been using simple little videos to drive traffic in all sorts of niches for 5 years plus continuously. Depending on which niche you target videos can rank and stick for evergreen passive traffic.

I’m on a tight budget… will it work for me?
There are no additional costs required. You do not need domains, hosting or anything else.

Is it really easy to use?
Yes! VidInc is 100% Newbie Friendly… Designed to be very simple to navigate and easy to use. Simply enter your link and the App builds you a video in minutes.

Does VidInc violate any YouTube / Vimeo TOS?
No… VidInc connects to YouTube & Vimeo through public API… Your API is set within software settings. Connecting Vid Inc with your YouTube & Vimeo account is 100% within YouTube & Vimeo TOS.

What if I experience a problem?
We have dedicated technical support on hand 6 days per week. Support is easily accessible from inside your VidInc dashboard.

How much traffic can I drive?
The amount of traffic you can drive really depends on the niche, the audience in that niche and the phrase. Most of our videos drive traffic every day, some significant amounts while others drive smaller amounts. The point is the whole process takes minutes and all the traffic we do get is 100% Free.

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