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Zen OTO 1st to 9th: There is a front end offer and nine other OTOs. The 1st is No Limits Version, the 2nd Zen OTO is Automation Version, the 3rd is Done For You, the 4th Zen OTO is Video Edition, the 5th is 100 DFY Templates, the 6th is ATM, the 7th Zen OTO is Done For You Shop, the 8th is 1k System, the 9th Zen OTO is License Rights. The product is by Billy Darr, Finn Goswami and Justin Opay. There are some other down sells. All the links >>>

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All 9 Zen OTO Links Below

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

(Links Are Locked) Please Click Here to Open FE and Unlock All Links

Front End Walk Through

Features: Work From Home, 100% Pandemic & Recession Proof, 2021-Ready Traffic App, First-To-Market Software, Newbie Friendly, Get Results Or We’ll Pay You $1K, Quit Your Job & Attain Freedom.

3-Steps Is All It Takes To Get Real Buyer Traffic:
Step 1: Grab Your Copy Of Zen Now Before The Price Increases,
Step 2: Login To The Web-Based App & Tell The Software Where You Want Traffic Sent Can Be Any Website Or Offer,
Step 3: Relax As The Software Gets You Free Buyer Traffic In 30 Seconds.
That’s it. Once you’ve put the software to work, simply sit back & relax and enjoy buyer traffic resulting in a stampede of non-stop sales.

Dear Frustrated Reader:
Are you beat down by all the fake promises & false opportunities?. Are you wondering what 2021 will hold amidst these uncertain times?. Are you worried, anxious & scared about what will happen if you don’t breakthrough?. If you answered YES then make sure you read this entire letter. Look I understand that right now we’re in extremely difficult times: Billion Dollar Brands Are Closing Down, ​Thousands Are Losing Their Jobs, ​People Are Downsizing Their Lifestyle, ​Covid-19 Is Still Going Strong, ​Seems Like There Is No Way Out. The traditional way of doing things are just not working anymore.

A 9 – 5 Job Is No Longer What It Used To Be:
It’s: Unstable, ​Uncertain, ​Quite Frankly Dangerous.
Not to mention the long work hours & low income. So I get why you’ve turned to the Internet. Searching for a way out & a brighter future.
Yet all you keep coming across is: False Promises, ​B.S Products, ​Guru’s, ​Scammers, ​In Short Just Lies. So where do you go from here?.

Don’t Worry There’s Good News Too:
Keep Reading. Well the good news is you’ve somehow landed on this page And you’re now reading this letter. Which is written by somebody who’s been in your shoes. Broken through & attained financial freedom.
Which In Turn Has Allowed Me To: Quit My Day Job, ​Provide For My Family, ​Be In Control Of My Future.
And that’s what I want for you. It starts out by understanding this very simple concept.

To make money online you need 2 things:
Something To Sell, ​People.
The right people + right product = money in your pocket And you don’t even need to have your own product. As we both know there’s no shortage of products to sell. WarriorPlus, JvZoo & ClickBank are full of products to select from.

If It’s So Simple Why Is it So Damn Hard?:
We Have The Solution. The issue lies in the ability to get those products in front of the right people. People who buy.
And if you can do that, that’s when you can:
Escape The Rat Race, Quit Your Day Job, Become Financially Free.
It all depends on getting the right people to the right product And that’s what we want to help you with.
We know most people Need Help With: And more importantly getting in front of cash-in hand BUYERS.
So my team & I decided to dedicate all our resources into finding a newbie friendly traffic source like no other, Getting Attention, Getting Exposure, Getting Traffic.

Has 500 Million Visitors Everyday, It’s A Top 5 Social Site, Has 1 Billion Monthly Users.
So no matter what you’re trying to sell you can find a buyer for that product on Instagram. I’m not talking about being an Influencer posting videos & images. Neither does this include doing anything boring or waiting months for results And I’m certainly not referring to selling anything to friends or family that’s just lame.
We’ve discovered a totally legal & ethical loophole that doesn’t require any of the following:
No Tech Skills, No Being On Camera, No Setting Up Funnels, No Previous Experience, No Paid Advertising, No Waiting Months For Results.

Heck It’s Made ‘Kylie Jenner’ The Youngest Billionaire In History:
For The Record She’s Only 23. Kylie was able to leverage the Instagram platform to literally take her business to close to a Billion dollar valuation. In fact they say it’s made her the youngest Billionaire in history. Even though she did things the old fashioned way. Now remember we’re not going to put YOU through the slow painful method of being an influencer and waiting forever to make money. Oh no we’re going to shortcut you directly to success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Work For Newbies With No Tech Skills?
Yes, Zen was built for newbies, not only do we give you the software but to support you we give you the training, access to our support desk & live chat support where our agents are available to help.

Do I Need A Website, A List Or Hosting?
No not at all.

Does This Software Work On PC Or Mac?
It is web based which means it works on any device with a web browser.

Is Money-Making Training Included?
Yes of course. When you grab this now, you’ll get our step-by-step video training that shows you how to get free traffic & sales with it.

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